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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Waiting, Watching 'n Wondering

~I would love to be more gentle with myself,
but I don't want to end up a weakling.~
~Mary Lowe 1892~

Waiting...for the "Cow Girls" to calve. EllieMae, on the right, should be first...any day now!
I thought it was going to be Annabelle who would calve first, but EllieMae looks much more ready.

I mentioned the "Cowculator" a couple of posts back...and it's a spreadsheet that I got from Eastern Oregon Agriculture Research Center. I just use the simple part of it...plugged in the average breeding date and it gives me the average calving date, which came up as April 10. But, with a herd of just 2, that gives us a wide range of before or after dates too.

Watching...things just seem to look better to Bella Jo from the top of the dog houses!
I hope she's watchin' for coyotes.

Wondering...Stetson is always wonderin' when
he's gonna to get his next meal!


Cheyenne said...

Poor ol` Stetson! (I know what he means!)

Susan said...

We're wondering when spring is coming.

Shirley said...

Looks like you have some decent weather right now; the cows are probably waiting for bad weather to calve out!

Crystal said...

how cute Bella Joe is on her doghouse! I hope never to have to wonder when my next meal is.

lisa said...

I just love that picture of Bella Jo! My blue that I had was a little more solid but I think they are great dogs and I hope to get another one in the future. I also liked the one of Stetson!

Ed said...

LOL! Great post, can't wait for the calf pics..:-)

Carol said...

What a handsome dog. I've always wanted one...but I never buy dogs..I take those that need homes...and I've now cows to herd.

cdncowgirl said...

So approximately how many days is a cow preggers?
Looking forward to the baby pics :)

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