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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Stills ~ Sounds

The Sunday Stills challenge this week is to relay sound through your photos...no captions should be needed...

Enjoy more Sunday Stills Sounds in the comment section here.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Macro Monday

To see more "macro" photos, go to the Comments here.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Stills ~ The Open Road

This week's Sunday Stills challenge is "The Open Road." The instructions were to find a favorite spot of roadway and snap away.

The farthest I drove this week was 2 miles up to the Post Office...pretty boring...

So, Colt and I hit the Open Road in our kind of style...horseback 'n right outside the driveway!

As we approach the end of the drive, we could go straight
north...but that would take us to the paved road.

But heading east will take us farther up Anderson Valley.
Accompanied by Abby, Cowboy and Cindy Sue we head out.

It's a nice view looking back at our place.
The alfalfa is growing like crazy!

It's late morning, but it's already 80 degrees.
Abby, the water dog, takes a dip in the neighbor's
catch pond.
Cowboy and Cindy Sue are waders...not swimmers.

After a brisk long trot down the valley, we
finally reach the rise and can see
down the valley.

Looking back west toward our place.

We reach the Starbuck Ranch and take a lil' rest
and enjoy the view of their spread.

Anderson Valley Road continues on down the
valley in an "S" curve.

We decide to head back home.
It's pretty warm for the pups to be
out too long.

The view going the opposite direction is just as nice!
Hat Butte from the east end is a nice
change for me...I always see it from the west end.

A couple of cow/calf pairs are trailed out
headin' for the water hole.
The calves are really growing...soon they'll be
gathered and weaned.

Ahhhhh...back to the neighbor's catch pond.
Cool, cool water!

Colt enjoyed the drink and the lush green grass
in the ditch too!

That's my favorite kind of Open Road...and the best part about it all...we never saw a truck or car the whole time!

Head on over to the Sunday Stills ~ Open Road comment section to view other Open Road photos...you could even join in on our fun weekly challenge!


Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Like Having A New House!!

We now have a freshly painted house!! It's only taken us 3 years to get it done...but it's done...and I love it!!

We've determined that this old paint was the
original paint...1989!!

Two years ago, we had to replace some siding
on the addition, so we started painting then.
But, the color was wrong and then winter set in
and we never got back to it.

With My Man working a full time job in town and commuting an hour and a half a day, we knew that the only way to get the job done was to hire it out.

Our best friend Ron and his girl Carrie offered to do it...they did a fantastic job!

Everything went really smooth...the wind stayed
down and so did the temperature.

But after being here for 5 nights, they were happy
to be on their way back home.
Look at the beautiful detail on the trim!

It wasn't all work though; they spent the day
at the Kelley Rodeo with us and had a blast.
We ate really good food, drank a few beverages,
and had lots of laughs!

It's a new house!!!

Next comes staining the deck, and I'm in the process
of painting the dog houses and the chicken coop to match!

We learned one important thing...don't wait for 20 years to paint your house...it makes it a bugger to paint!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kelley Arena Youth Rodeo ~ Part II

This is the last of the Kelley Rodeo...there were just so many cute lil' buckaroos and buckaretts that I couldn't just post 2 or 3...right?!?!?!?


These two asked me to take their picture. They said
they'd been best friends ever since they were
little kids...I laughed and said they were still kids...the
cowpoke on the grey said "Well, yea, but, we've been best friends
ever since we were babies."
OK...that I can believe!! Just too cute!

With a look like hers, she's gonna be a lil' toughie.
Cute as a bug, and she's all business!

A well manered horse, the right equipment to get the
job done, poise, confidence and a love for this life;
I see a rodeo queen in the making.

There's nothing wrong with a lil' help from grandpa...

...especially when you get the best seat in the house
on the top rail...the chips are just a bonus!

Can I remember the pattern...I'm sure I can,
I'm sure I can!!

Discussions regarding the merrits of tack and
equipment are common.
Do we really need to sit in the saddle?

While other's practice their goat tying technique.

Concentration...watching and
learning...it's all part of the process to improve.

The older kids get to put their
rough stock skills to the test.

Horse and rider, like one, are focused on their target.

Team work



A love of a way of life that is disappearing.

These kids are America's future.

And at the end of the day...

All the kids gather for the awards ceremony....silver buckles,
tack, grooming supplies (everyone gets a t-shirt)...all really cool stuff!!
Everyone celebrating the successes of their friends...or
maybe even their own!

A good day was had by all.

Thanks again for coming along for the ride!!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Annual Kelley Arena Youth Rodeo~Part I

Today in history...
Davy Crockett was born in Tennessee, 1786.

We don't have kids of our own, but we sure enjoy going and watching the kids in our area participate in the rodeo events around the county. The Kelley rodeo and the Opie rodeo are two of the biggest in the area for kids from 4 to 14 to enjoy friendship and fellowship...and have a good time!

The 3rd weekend of August is always the Kelley Arena rodeo; participatents from as far away as Nevada and Idaho come to our big town of Princeton. But, you better bring a lot of your own stuff, because we doen't even have a quick mart or gas station!!!

I hope you enjoy my lil' photo essay of the day...

Lil' ones on stick horses runnin' the barrels
start the day...what could be cuter!?!?!
Some of the lil' ones even got bucked off!

Then the lil' buckaroos try their hand at ropin' the dummy.

Some are still a lil' bit too lil' to participate...but
they sure had a lot of fun anyway!!

This lil' cowpoke is lookin' on at the older
kids...learning from their every move.

This young cowboy seems to have a lot of confidence...
his hat probably has a lot of stories to tell!

As we get to the kids who are now horseback, Mom or Dad
can give a helping hand to get them through the pattern.

Some ride cute lil' ponies...

Some ride BIG horses that care for their
rider to keep them safe.

Friends will share a ride.

And lifetime friendships are built with a common
interest...The Horse~~

Horsemanship skills are developed...like sitting on the fence
and in the saddle at the same time.

Lots of practice with the rope (with a lil' bit of
coaching from Mom 'n Dad) will a buckaroo make.

A young buckaroo on a good horse...is
there any better way to grow up?

But, if you're not busy bein' a cowboy, playin' in
the dirt is a mighty fine second choice!

Thanks for coming along...part II tomorrow!

Happy Trails~~