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10/22/18 You will see a name change on the blog. Lots of things have changed in my life in the past few years, and I feel compelled to share my story.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Oliga Indian Bridle

Last week was the Pendleton Roundup...again. We didn't go last year because of our trip to Montana, but we made it this year. We arrived home on Sunday afternoon...and I had a tickle in my throat...grrr...the beginning of a head cold :( dang!

But I'm on the mend and feel much better today! I have hundreds of photos to sort through, but thought I'd share at least one with you today.

Oliga Indian Bridle
Oliga Indian Bridle

As we were waiting for the parade to start, I had an opportunity to get a good close up of this horse wearing the Oliga Indian Bridle. I've seen this horse and rider for years at Pendleton...they are always amazing to me.

Quoting Horse Previews Magazine, "The Oliga (pronounced Oh-La-Gah) Indian Bridle is the closest thing to riding with no bridle at all! Fashioned after the Plains Indians' war-bridle, this modern version re-awakens the spirit of the Native American horseman with its ability to create a "oneness " between rider and horse."

Of course not only does this man ride with the Oliga, but he also rides bareback the whole time! That should bring out the "oneness"!! Pretty cool I think!

Thursday, September 4, 2014


We got'r done!! We didn't place, but I call it a success!

Trotting into the arena up to the judge for inspection.

My man has the list of entrants, so I don't know for sure, but there were approximately 20-25 entries in the class. A LOT of nice horse flesh out there!!

As everyone knows if you compete in anything, there's a lot of preparation that goes on. Yesterday, was a full day of getting the trailer and Pierce ready. I was able to use Colt's first sheet...it fits Pierce perfectly! And, I decided to use the same halter I showed Colt in seven years ago...ahhhhh...sweet memories!

Last evening after his first ever bath.

Our success was just gettin' in there and doin' it. He was pretty good for the clipping, bathing and me fussing with his skinned up face. Patience...that's where he lacks...but will come with time.

I went out at 5 AM to feed, and he was happily laying down snoozing in the middle of his stall...shavings stuck between every mane and tail hair! Rise and shine young man!

Standing for the judge...NOT! This is one brief moment he stopped moving.

So, the process was to enter the arena one at a time, trot to the judge, set the horse up for inspection, and trot away into line. Pierce couldn't hold still, but he did trot nicely with me. As the judge came behind Pierce, he was looking at his hind legs and saying something to the ring steward/secretary...I knew this would be his fault. Amanda had mentioned that his hind legs are quite straight, and most likely, he's not going to have a very big stop. I'm quite sure that's what took him out of the competition.

Attempting to "stand" in line...we walked LOTS of circles!

But, like I said...it was a success!!! We did lots of things perfectly...loading, hauling, letting me get him ready at the trailer. It was his first time to go anywhere besides Amanda's for training...so, we'll be going LOTS of places in the next year. I'm planning on going to the saddle club events (showing western pleasure and reining class), the local cutting club for herd work...

...and we'll be going to our first Mike Bridges clinic in three weeks!! We'll be doing three days of in-hand training...which will be wonderful for the winter months when we can't ride.

So, who won the class?


This very handsome horse won...and well deserved I think! BTW...even though My Man chopped off the horse's head, it also had a nice head to match the body.

Allrighty then...moving on to the goal for next year...the 3 year old class!

OH yes...thanks to My Man for the awesome photos and all your support...love ya!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pierce (aka ScarFace) Goes to the Futurity

Today is clean up day for the lil' boy because tomorrow is the 2 year old halter class at the Harney County Reined Cow Horse Futurity...but there's a lot that I can't do much about...

Oh bother!

Amanda worked so hard on trying to get him healed up from his face playing over the fence when he was in training at her place...and the lil' bugger comes home and can't keep himself out of trouble...everywhere I put him, he gets bunged up.

I'm trying to have a positive outlook for tomorrow, but Pierce just doesn't have what Colt had. I've wanted to blame it on Pierce being born at the end of May, but Colt was born just one month earlier...so it's not an age thing. Pierce is just taking longer to mature.

Seven years apart.

I'm sure Pierce will grow up and fill out...and look very similar in build as Colt...but today, he's just not like Colt was seven years ago.

Colt 2007 (LOL...standing very cow-hocked!!)

OK...want to know what's really on my mind? At the end of the day of Colt's final Futurity show, I realized that we had placed 2nd or 3rd every year...which I was told is very unusual, as horses have their ups and downs. But I was also told that it would be a long time before another Colt came along. That statement has haunted me since.

I try not to compare them. I worked very hard to get where I did with Colt, but I've got to work a lot harder with Pierce...he's not nearly as forgiving.

My original goal with Colt was to "not make a fool of either one of us." Colt helped me succeed and surpass that goal.

Now I'm just trying to have the guts to try it again.