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10/22/18 You will see a name change on the blog. Lots of things have changed in my life in the past few years, and I feel compelled to share my story.

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Monday, May 6, 2019

Good Monday...Spring Has Sprung!!

 Happy Monday everyone!!

A new find from the landfill...who would want to through
away a perfectly good flower pot?!?

Spring is rolling fast and furious around here. What little varmint reduction we got will just be what it is, the fertilizer is on, the irrigation is running, and the hay (along with all the weeds) is growing!! 

We seeded orchard grass into more of our alfalfa last fall, so we'll have a lot more alfalfa/grass mix to sell this year.

Alfalfa, orchard grass...and a few weeds. It'll make good feed this winter!

My trip to Paleo f(x) in Austin TX was exceptional...the number of speakers, vendors and events were "brain exploding!"

My Team! #PFX19

The main stage with a panel of health professionals talking
about how the brain and the gut biome are connected.

Did you know that the brain and the gut are connected? It's actually very facinating...and having a healthy gut changes your whole body!!!

Ryan, me and Sprinkles...yep, I'm short!!!


So, how's your gut? Consider taking the free health assessment!

I hope everyone has a very blessed week!

In Health & Love~ 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Self Care ~ Animal Care ~ Everyone is Important!

I'm almost afraid to say it...but I think we're past any chance of snow...well, that'll jinx us now!! But it's been the longest, coldest, wettest spring anyone can remember. In the high desert here we should never complain about precipitation in whatever form it comes in...but it's been hard on the ranchers and farmers.

My Man is dragging the hay fields...Rastus is a bunch of help of course!

Tax day has come and gone (thank goodness that's done with for another year!), and another year of poisoning the ground squirrels (we call them sage rats) in the hay fields. Because of all of the rain, we couldn't get the bait out in a timely manner, so the percent of dispatch wasn't as good as other years, but we got what we got.

Easter too has come and gone...but the memory of the sunrise service is fresh in my mind. It poured rain the day before, and we wondered it we would need to shift to plan "B"...but the day broke with some clouds...just enough to get a beautiful reflection as we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. It was perfect!

Easter sunrise service in Crane Oregon...it was spectacular!! Fitting for our King~

This week I'll be flying to Austin Texas for a huge event...Paleo f(x)...I'm so excited to be selected to go with my team and learn a ton of new stuff...building my knowledge on Paleo and Ancestral Health. I'm pretty sure I'll have a bunch to share when I return!

Until then...have a quick listen to my latest FB live video.

Self Care~You're Important!

In Health & Love~



Thursday, March 28, 2019

Throwback Thursday~March 2014

March 5 years ago...great memories!!!

Awwww...the newborn calves! How I miss them.
We sold our little herd two years ago in preparation of moving.

Red Dog & Rastus...running and chasing each other as spring is coming.
Not much has changed with these two! 

Sweet Martha Jo~we adopted her so she could live out her life with love.
She wasn't with us long, but it was a very special time.

What precious memories do you have in your heart from 5 years ago?

In Health & Love~