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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Social Distancing in the Oregon Outback

This whole thing seems ludicrous as we live distantly here every day. Then the governor of Oregon has claimed that the people in Eastern Oregon aren't taking the virus serious enough. All I can do is roll my eyes and tell myself that as usual, she's doesn't have a clue how we live here in her state.

Livestock need to be fed...calves are being born everyday, and they need to be branded and vaccinated. The United States and the world still needs food!!! Are we just to let our farms and ranches go to ruin with dead animals and crops?!? That's not how we live out here.

OK...I'm off my rant...well, except for the selfish people who go to the stores in our only shopping (without having to travel 3 hours) and proceed to HOARD everything on the shelves. This happened yesterday...I went for my weekly shopping and couldn't buy half the things on my list...because of hoarders!! Yes, I was pretty p!ssed off and had to let John finish with the check out before I totally lost it at the cashier (not that it's her fault). People have no respect for others...they only look out for themselves. OK...not everyone is bad...as we have many people offering help and service to those in need. But what happened to common sense?! This world needs God more than ever.

Finally...I'm done ranting.

Bert's enjoying the sun...and is oblivious to any chaos in the world! Wish I was a dog!!

Spring is starting to poke her head up here...the day lilies are 6 inches high, and I found some tulips coming up!! We had 4 inches of snow last week, and it really spurred the grass and spring plants!!

My Man and I will take a ride again today to get our ponies legged up...the first branding for us in this coming Thursday. BTW...My Man has a new ranch horse that he's really excited about. The sad news is that we lost Whiskey last winter to a bad injury, and Boone has arthritis so bad in his front knee that he can't work anymore.

My Man and his new mount Snap!

Colt is doing great, and I'm going to focus on Cowboy Dressage again this year.

We still haven't sold our ranch, but we've re-listed it with a new real estate company, we have high hopes this time 'round!!! And we still are motivated to be Montana bound!

I pray for blessings and health to all of you my dear friends and followers~

In Health & Love~



  1. I was stunning at the store today also. Amazing.

  2. Yes, there are many people who do not consider anyone except themselves, but there are many more good people who do the right thing. Your countryside is lovely and the horse too. Oh, what a great dog! Take care.

  3. Things have leveled off a bit here, the initial panic has waned a bit. There are a few cases of the virus in town so everyone is being careful. Generally people here are respectful.
    Have fun at the branding!


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