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Welcome to the Rough String, and thanks for stoppin' by!! Grab a hot cup of coffee and sit a spell!
10/22/18 You will see a name change on the blog. Lots of things have changed in my life in the past few years, and I feel compelled to share my story.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Signs of Fall in the High Country

Quaking Aspens at 6100 feet above McCoy Creek

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jenkins' Ranch to Jackrabbit Flat

...been busy for the past three days with Rancher Dan. We sorted and moved the older cow pairs and all the bulls that wouldn't go to Jackrabbit. Day two we trailed them to Jenkins' Ranch...day three we took them to Jackrabbit Flat; their home until the end of summer.

Dawn at Jenkins' Ranch
Dawn at Jenkins' Ranch

Off the County Road and crossing the desert.

My two best friends.

By day three, Rastus is gettin' a bit tired, but he's still got some spark in his eye and a smile on his face!

Rastus and I are holding back these Tree Top Ranches heifers so they won't get into our herd.

The pairs are lined out nicely...and the first ones are at the gate leading into Jackrabbit Flat.

Livin' the dream...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pierce Goes to School

I've got to admit that I had a problem with getting the Gus horse started...a mental issue mostly. It's true that I just didn't "click" with him, but I wasn't putting the time nor energy into his training like I had with Colt.  There was something stuck in my brain that kept me from just getting on and "riding" him like I've done colts in the past...I guess it would be fear of something happening.

So, that's why I decided to have someone else put the first rides on Pierce. I wanted to get him going without my mental getting in the way...and I'm very glad I made that decision. Pierce is thin skinned, literally, as well as mentally. It took Amanda 10 works before she was in the saddle on him and it usually takes her 2-4. Pierce is very feely, and I'm glad she took her time with him and didn't push him too hard...she knew how far to push without pushing him over the edge.

Amanda just ponied him from her house down the road to her training facility...Pierce did great with the traffic!

Pierce had a LOT of fun at school...especially when it was play time with his buddies across the fence. He got so bit up from face playing that Amanda had to take him to her house to keep him from getting any more beat up...all in fun of course. But, I do want to show him in the 2 year old halter class at the Futurity...we just call him scar face for now! ;)

I loaded up the LQ trailer when it was time to bring Pierce home, and I spent three days and two nights at Amanda's. Thank goodness I could do that...it's been such a help!

Fitting my gear on Pierce for the first time. He's so tiny compared to Colt!!
You can see some of his scrapes in this photo...they will heal.

The first evening, we trailered Pierce and her horse out to some sagebrush land. Amanda rode Pierce; she walked him out, asked for a trot, and not a minute later he was into a nice lope...loose rein and he was calm with a soft eye. He climbed a small hill, zig zagged through the sagebrush, she answered her cell phone, he came down the hill, we came into the water trough and called it a ride. He was awesome! No, no pics of course!

The next day, we were up early to beat the heat...but the best I can say is that there were some technical difficulties and it could have gone better. But, it was good to get on him for the first time.

Day three was much better...after I got my big girl panties on. It was much better than day two...and this video is one of three that I watch before I go out to ride Pierce...

All in all, I'm really excited about Pierce!!

And here's the new best seat at the ranch! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Pierce ~ Gettin' Started

My intentions are always good...my follow through is lacking...REALLY lacking.

My plan was to get him saddled, bridled, ground driven...all the stuff  that I've always done when starting a new colt. Also, I had decided to send him to a trainer for his first 30 days. Stuff just kept gettin' in the way...and a bit of procrastination stuck in here and there...I didn't make much progress.

July suddenly arrives, and I've got to make some serious decisions. The trainer that was first on my list to get his first rides with had the opportunity of a lifetime offered to him, and he moved out of state...awesome for him, bad for me.

But, I'd had a couple of back up people in mind...and I decided to ask if Amanda would take him. I've always liked her horses and how she rode...and then saw some of the colts she'd started on FB...it firmed up my decision. Between her schedule and mine, sooner was better than later.

So we hauled Pierce to Vale Oregon on July 6. She got to start him from scratch since I hadn't gotten much done with him. And, most trainers usually like it that way anyhow.

My Man had to document the big day!

We dropped him off, got to see where he'd be staying, and chatted with Amanda for a while...it was HOT in Vale! We had to let her get to her riding before afternoon set in. But, we left knowing that he was in good hands.

Pierce checkin' out his new digs.
So Pierce went off to school...we hoped that he went to school with a mind ready to learn.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

TBT ~ And The Beginning of a New Saga

Colt and Pierce; November 8, 2013

Half Brothers

Not so long ago...but the photo is a bit symbolic to me. Pierce is in the background with Colt in the limelight. Colt has had 123 blog posts...Pierce a mere 9. Of course this stands to reason that these half brothers are seven years apart in age.

But this is soon to change.