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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two in a Row...What are the Odds?!?

~Cowboys beware, cuz I'm a 
buckin'-jumping wild woman.~
~Katie Warner 1888~

Well, I knew EllieMae was close to calving, and interestingly enough, she had her calf the day after Annabelle!?! We own two cows, and they calve that close together...really, what ARE the odds??

What's this White Stuff?
Hello world!

This time, we're blessed with a healthy lil' bull calf. He was all dried off from birthing, but EllieMae hadn't cleaned out yet at 7 AM when My Man found them. And then it started snowing...I didn't get down there until 11 or so to take some photos and we had a good half inch. Thank goodness it's pretty warm (34 degrees).

Day One
What's with this white stuff?

Then I went down to check on everyone this afternoon and look what I find...

Cow/calf on the Hillside
See EllieMae?

A View for the Cows
The lil' bull calf must think he's part goat!
He climbed...and she followed him.

Hidin' in the Sagebrush
"I'm tired after that climb...I'll just lay here and rest up.
Glad you could keep up with me mom!"

Well, he's gonna be a tough one!!

And the lil' heifer?...

You Don't See Me
Momma's got her tucked underneath a sagebrush,
and she's pretending I haven't spotted her.

Cute Lil' Calf Hooves
Everything about calves are cute...right down to their cute lil' hooves!

So, all is well in the "Cow Girls'" world...the beautiful cycle of life begins again~


  1. Looks like a good calf, it's a wonderment how agile they are right off the bat. Looks like the cows are going to be good mamas.

  2. Great shots of the bull calf in the snow, Karen! Man, I hate snow. When I move there, you'll need to stop all that, okay?

  3. What I love is watching the calves play. They have so much fun and come to love each other so much.

    Our herd is one that has all ages. We don't get rid of the old unless something goes wrong. We lost one of our oldest cows this week-end. When my husband went to bury her, one of his favorites, a horned cow came over and licked her mother's dead face, nuzzling her. It was really beautiful but once the cow was buried, the herd went on and released it. A good lesson to humans in that.

  4. Be glad that they come so close together that you are done!

    Friend of mine has 70 dairy goats and she breeds them so they deliver three together every day for a week. A month later there's a bunch more that kid out at the same rate.

    My three of my ewes delivered within a week, one a month later, and there are still five more to lamb. I have no idea when they are due so it will be like Christmas at my house!

  5. So glad to hear about your calves! :)

  6. I admit that I have to agree with you about everything about a calf being cute! They are just filled to the brim with cuteness!

  7. I love little calves, so cute and yes even their little hooves are cute! Great pictures of the two babies!!!!

  8. They smell good to, just right after they are dried off!

  9. Look at those eyelashes. How sweet.

  10. Great shots! I always like how the moms hide out the kids. and how well the kids mind.


  11. It's always the eye lashes that get me...


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