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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cattle Drive to Diamond~Day 2

~I think love is the answer to a lot of things.
Like feeling lonely.~
~Lessa Kurry 1882~

Day two of the drive starts early again; on the road by 7 AM. It's my turn to drive (sharing fuel costs), so Pat drove over, and we put his horse in my trailer with Colt, and we head down to the hay lot where the cows and calves spent the night.

We knew that there would be at least one newborn. As soon as we got to the hay lot the day before, one cow headed for a corner and proceeded to have her calf. We checked all the other cows and calves, and she was the only one that had calved.

The lil' guy got put into the trailer to ride for the day. Momma was concerned, but she went back to the herd and out the gate we the right direction again...that's always good!

The weather wasn't nearly as nice as the day before, but it wasn't too cold...just threatening rain clouds. After about 2 miles we got a pretty good soaking, but after that the rain held off for the rest of the trip! When we got into the Diamond Valley the wind whipped up pretty good, and the cows at the back of the line got ornery, but that only lasted for about a mile and a half, and they lined back out again.

Just like the day before, any of the calves that were getting tired got heeled and put into the trailer. Remember the newborn? Well, he turned out to be a sneaky lil' feller...while the next calf that got put into the trailer, he saw daylight out the back of the trailer door and made a run for it!

And run he the opposite direction of the herd! I kept the herd going while Pat and Bossman Dan went after the lil' runaway. He had shot through the fence along the road and took off over the lava beds. I had the herd about two miles down the road by the time they got caught back up. The lil' feller was unharmed and safely locked into the front section of the trailer with the middle divider closed!

Almost Home at McCoy Creek
The last half hour of the journey...comin' home to McCoy Creek.

Keepin' 'um Together
These meadows will produce chest high meadow grass hay this summer.

Head Count
Checkin' the head count...yep...we got 'um all!

Lettin' the Calves Out of the Trailer
Calves are let out of the trailer to mother up...everyone's happy!

Motherin' Up
Checkin' the herd...makin' sure everyone's mothered up.
Well, that's it...the end of the story, but not the end of the work. Branding comes up next, then moving the herds onto summer pastures, gathering them up in the fall again...the wheel keeps turning.

I'm so lucky to be able to help neighbors. I learn something every time I go does Colt!

Thanks for comin' along for the ride!


Cheyenne said...

Its a lesson in life, that helping is often better than getting. To do for others, now thats humanity.

Annette said...

The pictures are gorgeous and I love the story of the little calf taking off -- in the wrong direction. Kids!

lisa said...

Awesome as always! Pictures are great!

Linda said...

Looks like it's even getting a little green there. I'm looking forward to the same thing in a few weeks.

Rising Rainbow said...

Smart little sucker making a run for it like that. Not so smart heading away from the herd.

Sounds like a lot of work but fun too, maybe satisfying is the word I'm looking for. Good for you and thanks for taking us a long.

Shirley said...

Good thing the weather co-operated! You are blessed to live the life you do.
I love the dog in the bottom photo.

Maia said...

Fascinating and wonderful pictures. How's the little newborn doing?

Jessie Walling said...

Love the pictures - it's such beautiful country. I just spend this weekend out in the sage up here in central Washington. After being outside, I never want to go home! I can't wait to be down in that area this summer.

Cutest story with that calf!

texazranches11 said...

Such wonderful photos,after the half hour journey its pretty much cool that you guys manage to get home complete, safe and sound.Texas Ranch For Sale

Mikey said...

Love the mothering up picture :) What a great drive, and boy, those calves can run, huh? Even newborns!! Amazing!! Wish I was there....

CTG Ponies said...

Excellent photos and looks like quite the ride! I think it's fantastic that you are able to take part in this.

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