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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cattle Drive to Diamond~Day 1

~If you live past birth, you'll make mistakes.~
~Rebecca Travis 1901~

Sometimes there just isn't a lot of time to make a plan and then work the plan. Farming and ranching are a very "spur of the moment" type of occupation. My Man and I get a phone call Friday night, and we help work cow/calf pairs out of the herd for two days. Then he has to go to the "real job" and I get to help drive the remaining single mother cows and pairs for two days going approx 27 miles. So, it's been busy to say the least!

With the weather being wet, I used my old Fuji camera, so the photos are not what I like, but it sure is a lot easier taking photos one-handed!

Monday morning came early to get Colt fed and myself ready. My friend and farrier, Pat, picked me and Colt up at 7 AM. We met "Bossman" as Pat calls him (the ranch owner) down by the Round Barn where we will be driving the cows to that day, and load our horses into Bossman's trailer and head back up to where the cows are at Princeton.

There were three cows with newborn's and a lame cow that we kicked out of the herd and got everyone else gathered up at the gate to go south. The air was cool and crisp with a lil' bit of wind...but the sun was shining! The gate opens up and the cows take off down the two-track at a brisk the right's starting out to be a GREAT day!!

Across the Desert
Crossing the desert.

At the end of the two-track we cross a gravel county road and cut across the desert. With the snow and rain we've been having, the ground was thick and deep...mud. Colt did NOT like that feeling at all. I think he thought he was going to get sucked in, but he did a good job like the good boy he is.

Then we got back onto a paved county road and continue south. By then, some of the calves were getting tired. They were carefully caught and put into the trailer to ride the rest of the way.

1/4 Throwing the Loop
Pat throws the loop.

2/4 Catchin' the Heels
Nice catch of the heels.

3/4 Concerned Momma Cow
Momma cow gets quite concerned as you can well imagine.

4/4 Tired Calves Get a Trailer Ride
The trailer is brought up and the calf is loaded to ride the rest of the way.

Momma cow runs back up to the herd looking for her calf! Pretty soon, she just falls in line with the others and occasionally looks for her calf...but she knows she needs to keep going.

One of my favorite parts of the ride is along Dry Lake. My Wordless Wednesday post has a nice view of the lake and the Round Barn.

Skirting Along Dry Lake
The cows and calves are nicely lined out down the county road.

The cows know exactly where to go. They've made this trip (back and forth) for many years. It's nice when they line out and set a good pace. It's really hard when the cows spin in circles and won't go forward...good lead cows keep the rest of the cows coming along.

Traffic? Well, yes, there was some...maybe a dozen cars/pickups the whole day. The thing you don't want to do is plan a drive on a holiday weekend...then you have a mess!

Arriving at the Hay Lot
Happy cows! Hay is waiting for them when they arrive at the overnight lot.

Another wonderful rancher has a lot with water that's located about half way. I guess everyone uses it, and it's greatly appreciated.

Mommas & Calves Reunited
Even happier calves are very glad to see their mommas!

Then the big moment...the calves are let out of the's so cute to see them mother up again.

We went about 14 miles this day (Monday)...the weather couldn't have been better!!! Tuesday, we finish bringin' 'um on home (of course another post).


Carol said...

so nice to have your work be so much fun.

mj said...

That's some commute. Bet you wouldn't trade it for anything?

IanH said...

That looks like fun! Very pretty countryside. I am hoping to get in on our neighbours 12 mile cattle drive in June. This will be the 4th year and i really enjoy the ride.

Maia said...

It looks like a great time was had by all.

Cheyenne said...

Fantastic. thanks for letting me go along!

Crystal said...

That looks like a nice ride!

lisa said...

I envy you, you really do have the life, it isn't easy but I can see and hear how you really like it. Loved the pictures and thanks for taking us on the ride with you.

Rain said...

That was great to see. I enjoy it when I am in that country and happen to come across cowboys/gals moving cattle. I never mind waiting and only hope they don't mind my taking photos. Sometimes they lead to paintings.

Mikey said...

Whew, that's a long drive! I wondered if that was a round barn in your wordless wed post. Now I know :)
Can't wait to see the rest of the story :)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Thanks for explaining that. I've come across cattle drives, but don't know much about all that is involved.

Paint Girl said...

One of my dreams is to go on a cattle drive, someday I hope!
Love the pictures, absolutely beautiful!

Annette said...

I was going to share this post with Brett but I think he would turn green with jealousy and I'd never hear the end of it~! smile. Great post - I really got the feel of your day...the hard work and the beauty.

Shirley said...

Love it when things go right! Nice photo of all the cows lined out.
Beamer gets worried in that hoof-suckin' mud too.

Ed said...

One day I want to ride on a cattle drive, that looks like fun..:-)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Hard work, but fun. Thanks for sharing.

jayayceeblog said...

Wow, between your vivid description and great pictures, I felt like I was right there. Looks like a gorgeous day!

Val said...

Thank you for the glimpse into your life. It is incredible, nothing like my own.

Oh, and I totally understand why the 'old' camera comes along on trips like this.

I usually take my pointy shooties, for riding and rough stuff, no sense in wrecking a nice camera!

Thanks for your posts, always so intriguing.

CTG Ponies said...

Awesome and I'm so glad the weather cooperated for you.

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