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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hmmmmm...riding weather?

This doesn't really look like welcome outdoor riding weather to me...what about you? Yuck!
Hopefully it will subside and I can get a ride in in the afternoon.


This was Colt when I went out to get him a few days ago...oh, it was so hard to get him up...full belly from breakfast...why should I get up?!?


I've actually been working...yep, working. One of my many part-time jobs is working for the National Agricultural Statistics Service. I interview farmers and ranchers in Harney and Grant Counties via either phone or in person to gather data. All those USDA reports you hear on the radio or see in the paper...all the data is gathered by us lil' people out in the field, sent to our regional office and is compiled in aggregate form. All individual data is strictly confidential by law.

So, my dining room table has been a desk since Christmas with piles of reports...four different ones this time; Cattle, Sheep and Goats, Cash Rents, and a few follow up ones from the Fall Ag. But, I'm almost done!!! I'm down to the last four. Yipee!!!

I enjoy doing the's just really hard to get a hold of ag people. Most of the interviews are done in the evening...just when I'm done with my day and ready to quit...I gotta get on the phone and pretend like I just got up and be lively and spunky. In the summer time when we're irrigating, My Man usually cooks dinner while I make phone calls...he's quite the guy.


On the way back from the Post Office yesterday, I saw this nifty cloud as the sun was beginning to go down, and it actually turned out in the photo. The building is "Old Princeton" at our driveway gate.

Speaking of the Post Office...this next pic is for 20 Meter Circle. She used to live in the area and had asked if the Princeton Post Office was still there. Well, yep, it is...and Teresa the PostMistress says "hello" to you!

That's all there is to it!!! I love it!! They won't deliver mail to us because we live on a gravel road, so we have a Box at no charge. Now, I don't wantchya'll thinkin' we's just a bunch of ol' rednecks here...those Christmas lights are up because it really was Christmas when I took the pic LOL!!! They're down now ;~)


Yesterday morning when I was heading out to feed, I spotted our resident nesting pair of Great Horned owls on a low branch in one of the Elm trees. We love watching the babies when they start coming out of their nest up in the rock cliffs. I actually saw one drop about 20 feet from the nest 2 years ago...I climbed up to the base of the cliff and was promptly dive bombed by the parents...I got the heck out of there in a quick hurry...I'm assuming the lil' one made it. Soon after, there were 3 lil' ones in the trees.


Andrea said...

Your Post office is smaller than ours!! Ours is in a little trailer!!

And Colt looks like he is so tired and need another hour nap!!

I hope the weather clears up for ya!!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Colt looks like my Piper napping..everyday from around noon to 2 she takes her afternoon siesta in the sun...

Ed said...

Nice post office and quite a set of hooters!
Ya did'nt think I was going to let that one go by did ya?...LOL!

~~gail~~mooselovingmamabear said...

Love your pics....especially the owls... LOL
As for riding weather, look on the bright side, it could be snowing :-( We're suppose to get another 3+ (weather station isn't sure) of snow tomorrow and then thru the night...

Take Care...~~Blog hugS~~

Anonymous said...

Good pictures of the owls. Headslap Ed will ya.

20 meter circle of life said...

Oh thank you!!! yes that is a nice set of hooters you have there! Hmmmm what else would I like a pic of??? I have to think on that,

kdwhorses said...

Okay ED~good one! He he he! Only a man would think of that one! :O

Colt looks like he was enjoying the sunny day!

THat is a great pic of the owls. How cool that you have them.

It was 77 degrees here today, so I actually got in some saddle time. Woot woot! But our weather is suppposed to turn bad again Saturday afternoon.

Heidiwriter said...

Nice pix.
We've been having our share of rain up in western WA too. In fact, now it's flooding and mudslides are blocking roads. What a fun winter!
Heidi M. Thomas
author,Cowgirl Dreams

Pony Girl said...

I love the pic of the owls! Owls are so amazing looking. Almost unreal.
I hope the rains gave up and you were able to get in a ride. Gyttup Colt!

froglander said...

Glad to see your owls hang out outside. Barn where I used to clean stalls in exchange for my then horse's board, there was this pair of owls that when it was just the two of them it wasn't bad, but when the little ones hatched boy was it messy! You had to cover everything so it didn't get splattered upon by owl droppings.

Colt looks like a little kid saying "just 5 more minutes?" :)

Tracey said...

Well, yes, as a matter of fact, it does look like riding weather, rofl!!! What's stopping you???

Celeste said...

I think I would give the riding a miss in that weather unless you are going to be riding a seahorse :) Anyway Colt looks so peaceful you just can't disturb him. Love the owl shot, hopefully you'll post some pictures if they have babies.

Heather said...

I grew up in a little town with a little post office like that, about 50 more boxes though. I loved going to the post office though. The post lady was so nice and turned into my Step Mom's first real friend when we were new in the little town.

We had windy weather today, but no rain yet this year. I hope your not getting all rain that Washington is getting.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like you've been super busy with those ag reports. I'm sure they all appreciate you, though :)

And hey! Are you calling me a 'redneck'? My Christmas lights are up outside and even my tree is still up...and probably will be into Spring. I think I've got a good excuse though, but doubt anyone'll bother to ask as they drive past our house and say, Yep, rednecks..." haha!

Wanna come over this summer and celebrate Christmas in July with me? I'll even let you ride my Orca. :~)


Country Girl said...

I love the owl picture. I have yet to get a picture of one.


Love the owl pix! Your coltster is adorable. I will definitely check back - really enjoyed your blog.

Freezing in Ohio.

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