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Monday, November 3, 2008

Old Princeton

The town of Old Princeton

Well, what's left of it anyhow~~Before Hwy 78 came through from Burns to Hwy 95 which takes you north to Boise or south to Winnamucca, the small town of Princeton was here...on our property.

Back in the day (1930-40's) this building held groceries, a cafe, the telephone switchboard, and the Post Office. The Princeton Post Office has actually moved 7 times prior to it's current location 2 miles north of us. It moved to wherever the current Post Master lived!

This property has changed hands many times since it was homesteaded back in the late 1800's. The Paiute Indians were the first to live here though. Many arrow heads have been found and I'm still looking for petroglyphs on the thousands of rock facings on our place. There are many to be found around Harney County...there's got to be at least one here!!

Old Princeton homes 1981

This photo (I took a picture of a picture) is from our neighbor who lived here in the early 1980's.

Old Princeton home 2008

This picture I took this morning. I think I'm in just about the same spot as where the photographer of the 1981 photo was taken from. The Old Princeton buildings are just left of the photo where the road going north(vertical) meets the road going east (horizontal). That's where our driveway starts. Sure wish the old corrals were still standing.

This might be part of those old corrals. It's just below where I shot the photo this morning. Even though it's starting to fall apart, I love looking at it and dream of the old days.

During the re-seeding process of our alfalfa fields, we found lots of old metal parts and horse shoes like this one...that shoe was wore out when it came off the horse that's for sure!

The view that stole my heart when we looked at this was love at first sight.


Kathleen said...

So much history...

I love the last picture - I can see how you fell in love at first sight! :-)

the7msn said...

Now that's cool. If only those old buildings could talk...or maybe they do? I love how the mesa has got your back.

The Wife said...

I love that stuff. I would so enjoy scouting it out and taking pictures of it. That is the kind of stuff that is really intriguing.

Thanks for droppin by my little ol blog. I appreciate the nice comments!

C-ingspots said...

Great picture taking fodder!! I would love to poke around there looking for treasures - how fun!

Mary said...

Thanks for the redirect! The evolution is really fun to see. It just makes me wonder that much more about the past. Do you hang on to any of the old newspaper scraps you find, or are they pretty deteriorated? Sorry for all the questions. Like I said, I really dig this stuff!

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