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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Meet Augustus...& The Blogger Meet Up!

I introduced you to "Command" a couple of weeks ago when I went shopping and put some money down on him. I picked him up last week, and he's working on settling in. He'd been handled a little bit as a weanling and a yearling, but mostly just turned out on pasture with everyone else. I don't mind getting a horse like that at all...I'd prefer the young horse be allowed to be a young horse.

He's had a bit of separation anxiety from leaving his herd...like trying to jump over the 5' round pen! So, I kept him in his stall with the run to let him work out his issues.

After a few days, he's started to focus on me
 and not worrying so much about the other horses. 

A friend of mine (who's been around longer than me) said one time that it was bad luck to change a horse's "barn name." Now, I'm not superstitious or anything, but I couldn't see this new horse being called 'Command' for the rest of his life. And I figured they just called him 'Command' to differentiate him from all the other horses. So, for the first three days, the poor beggar was known as "No Name!" I was having an awful time coming up with a name for him...his anxiety overshadowed his personality and all I could think of were ditsy names like Rocket and Zippy...NOT what I want my horse to be!

I got to thinking about the book Lonesome Dove and Augustus McCrae...and Augustus seemed to be fitting his personality...so Augustus it is...Gus for short of course!

He's lost a lil' bit of weight with all of his worrying.
But, he's decided that beet pulp is a great thing
and he isn't pacing so much.

Gus took his wormer like a champ and should be loosing that shaggy coat pretty quickly now. His skin is flaky and itchy too. I checked for lice, but he doesn't have any. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

Me and Gus...who wouldn't perk his ears up for anything!

Yesterday, we did the saddle pad, some rope work around his legs, and started picking up his feet (which are in dire need of a trim). Today, we'll just build on that and see where we go! He seems to be a quick study, but his attention span isn't very long...which is pretty normal I think. I'm just going to keep his sessions short but progressive and not too repetitive.

Look who's in the background...Colt's getting along
with Gus so far, but I haven't put them together yet.
I'm making sure that Gus will let me catch him consistently
before I turn him out. But I think they'll make good pasture mates.


On to the Blogger Meet!

Last February during my trip to Portland OR for ag survey training, I met up with 3 fellow bloggers. And quite a few other bloggers wanted to get in on the action...well, it's that time!!

We tentatively set a date for May 20.

There's a problem for me with that day...I'll be traveling back home on that day (they switched our conference dates!).

So, how about Wednesday, May 19...Old Spaghetti Factory at Clackamas Town Center...6 pm Happy Hour...7 pm Dinner?

If the 20th is best for everyone, then leave it on the 20th...but please leave a comment and we'll get it figured out!

I'm soooo looking forward to seeing Jocelyn, 20 Meter Circle, and Reddunappy again!! SquirrelGurl, will you join us???  WilsonC?  Heather?  joycemocha?  Anyone else?!?

The more the merrier!!! Oh...this is gonna be FUN!!!


DarcC said...

Best thing I know of for dry skin is adding oil to his grain/beet pulp, corn or canola. Start out at a 1/4 cup per feeding but you can work up pretty quickly to 1 cup per feeding.

Sydney said...

What a cutie. I love his colour. Then again I am such a sucker for buckskins and duns.

MTG, that stuff cures any skin ailment.

Shirley said...

He is a handsome boy, and I love the name. ( Velvet's mama was barn named Gussie, in honor of an old friend of Ted's; Augustus Isaacs) I look forward to your posts on his progress.

CTG Ponies said...

I love his name and he's a handsome fella! I'm sure he'll come along just fine and wait until that coat sheds out. As DarcC said, oil does wonders for dry flaky skin. You can treat it topically too. One thing that I've used in the past is black oil sunflower seeds. My horses love them as treats or in their grain. Deepens the color a bit, add oil to their coat and added some dapples on one.

wilsonc said...

The 19th actually works better for me too! I'll see you then :)

Paty Jager said...

Gus is a good looking guy! Congrats on the new horse! I hope to get my horse back over there but it won't be this next trip since I'm making a circle and will be coming from my daughter's instead of home.

Crystal said...

Hes cute, and a nice color, but Im sure its nicer inderneath the furry. I second Sydney with the MTG. That stuff is amazing on dry skin and flakiness.

Susan said...

Read my article on minerals (posted in April). This is the only supplement any of our animals get and they are all healthy on it.

Reddunappy said...

I love Gus's color, stong dun factor! I love Duns and buckskins.

I will put the date on my calander :0) Maybe it wont be pouring down rain this time LOL LOL
Anytime is good for me!

jane augenstein said...

Gus is a good lookin boy! Can't wait to see him all slicked up in his summer coat.
Dry flaky skin? Gilly has that too and I feed him Omega Horse Shine with flax seed so I don't know. I do know that Gilly needs a good medicated shampoo bath when warmer weather gets here!

SquirrelGurl said...

Gus is a beautiful boy and I love the name!

Count me in on the 19th! It works perfectly since I'll be doing the training that day!

I'll have the Storm Dog stay late at doggie daycare :o)

Sarah said...

Malcolm and I love Gus's name! Big Lonesome Dove fans, I just read teh book a few weeks ago, and Augustus is Malcolm's favorite character. He said to tell you that Gus the horse looks kind of rugged like Gus the character did. (he meant that in a complamentary way)

The meet up sounds really fun! I can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures!

Jocelyn said...

Sure! The 19th sounds fab!

lisa said...

Gus is a very handsome fellow, lucky you and good luck with him!

The Wife said...

Love the name. He's a handsome guy. Have fun at your blogger meet!

joycemocha said...

Dang, I don't *think* Wednesday the 19th works that well for me, but I've got to check on that. Might work out just fine. Gotta check on a class I have scheduled on Wednesdays--that might be the day it moves to Thursday due to conflict!

Otherwise, love to be there.

Anonymous said...

I rather like Gus...the name and the horse! We hardly ever have changed a horses barn name before but when Fizzbomb came along...........we did.

Paint Girl said...

Gus sure is a looker!! I love him and his color. You will get him fattened up in no time.
I will actually be in OR on the 20th for a horse show, one day too late. But I have too work, so I wouldn't be able to get away. I hope you all have fun with the bloggers get together!! Sounds like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Gus is a real beauty. Boy, I wish I lived closer as I would love to come to the "meet". :)

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