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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Carpenter Ranch Branding

After all that snow on Saturday, most of it had melted by Sunday and we loaded up Colt and Whiskey and headed over to the Carpenter Ranch for their branding. Our schedule finally worked out to where we could go to a branding on horseback instead of the calf table! So, this was definitely a treat for us.

A young buckaroo.
I love to see kids raised in the tradition.

This is my farrier, Pat.
At this branding they roped the calf by the neck
and then heeled it. Some ranches only heel them
and drag them to the fire. It all depends on what
the cow boss wants.

Pat again...making the dally.

I would call this a nice seat ;~)

Hmmmm...another nice seat ;~)

Do you feel like you're in the saddle?

Pat swings his riata.

The smell of burnin' hair...

Everyone knew their job...and the horses were really good.

Hmmmm...I think the saying is "Don't squat with your spurs on."
I think you get the point ;~)

This is where I got nervous...My Man got his first chance to rope...ever!

There was a lot of heavy concentration...gettin' that loop just right.

My Man and the Cow Boss...swingin' in rhythm.
This branding pen was just the right size for four riders to be
roping at the same time.

And he did it!! My Man caught his first calf...look at that smile!
I was proud of Whiskey too...he was Mr. Steady Eddy
the whole time...way to go!

Of course we got to eat and have a couple of beverages when the work was done...it was a good day!


Shirley said...

Those are wonderful photos. There is a lot of cowboy pride showing there, good gear, good horses, and even white shirts! Nice scenery too...**ahem**.....

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Flat brimmed hats....Oregon thing?

Sydney said...

How fun! I wish there was roping around here. There was when I was a kid. Indigo has a lot of cow sense and when you give that girl a job she sticks to it. I know she would love roping.

Linda said...

Thanks for taking us along! Wonderful pictures and it's always nice to see how it's done in other parts of the country!

Reddunappy said...

Awesome pictures!!
Pats riata, is that a hand braided one? It looks like it in the pics.

It is so cool to see real Cowboys
;0) nice butts too LOL

CTG Ponies said...

Love the pics! What kind of reins are you using? They are really interesting.

Susan said...

What was your job? I actually can't believe white shirts at a branding.

jane augenstein said...

Hard work but also looks like fun!
Nice butts, indeed! LOL Glad you got pictures of your man roping, good shot of him with his first calf roped!!! :-D
Thanks for taking all those pictures for us to see, love it!

Vaquerogirl said...

NICE! Hand made riata, of course. Nice saddles and seats!
I absolutely love that pic of the young buckaroo! Classic!

Paint Girl said...

That looks like so much fun! I have always wanted to do something like that.
Your pictures are fantastic!

Maia said...

Heavens to mergatroid, you certainly have the eye for a great shot. My, my those are some nice seats :) Looks like a fun day.

gtyyup said...

Cedar View~The flat brimmed hats are a buckaroo style in the Great Basin region of S Idaho, SE Oregon, N Nevada and Northern California. This is a good site describing the difference between a buckaroo and a cowboy:

Reddunappy~yes, the riata is braided rawhide. According to Pat it swings and find it's mark much truer than a nylon/poly rope...but, they also break easier.

CTG~They are all using romel reins; some are braided rawhide and some are harness leather.

Susan~LOL...what was my job? Professional photographer of course! Just kidding. But, I sat on Colt outside the pen and took photographs the whole time! They had plenty of help for all the ground crew. I've got a rope ordered for myself...hope to try my hand at the branding pen too! The white shirts...I think it's a buckaroo tradition around here...see it at every branding!

Maia~Well, I only took 288 photos that day ;~) There are a lot that are going to get the delete button.

gtyyup said...


oops, the link didn't come through

Janice said...

Nice pics. There was some very nice seats there. I think you were enjoying a front row seat yourself.I just got caught up on all your posts I didn't realize I had missed so many. It is nice that you get to meet some fellow bloggers.

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Wow! Great photos! And glad to not see any of the snow you mentioned..I want summer! I miss the brandings...just not the embedded 'fragrance' of burnt hair/hide....

Jocelyn said...

I love the Old vaquero style! The little boy was so adorable! Love that!

See you soon!

Mikey said...

Fantastic pics!! THAT'S the kind of stuff I love to see. Can't say enough good things about this post, it's absolutely beautiful :)

Diane said...

Great pictures. What a small world I grew up with Pat, your farrier, in a small town in southeastern washington.

Rhonda said...

Loved this post! I love seeing cowboys/cowgirls and horses all working together as a team. :)

Storm said...

White shirts?!?! What the heck? I am dirty before I can get out of the front door, it is simply rediculous to even think about wearing white down to the barn for me!

Beautiful photos. This is my first time here. I'll be back.

Faithful said...

I love the pic of the little buckeroo...don't tell anyone..but I have a fondness for buckaroos, esp one trying to learn the ropes.

Looks like your man might have gained himself a new love....ropin'!

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