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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sometimes It's Best Not To Speak

Or just be mighty careful about what you say...

So, My Man and I were changing wheel lines on Friday evening, and we had to hook up the hand lines that water the horse pasture...and it was taking a lil' bit longer than planned.  The horses hadn't been fed yet, but we were only an hour behind schedule.

I had just got done telling My Man how well Gus was doing...settling in nicely and he was no longer worried about the other horses (even though they were only 25 yards from him). I had enough confidence in him to leave him in the round pen during the day. It attaches to his run, so it just gives him more room.

We had just started hooking up the lines, and we heard a huge crash, boom, bang. Looking up at the barn, we see a cloud of dust with Gus in the middle of it...on the ground. He then scrambled to his feet and headed for the horses at gate. He had successfully jumped out of the round pen...but in doing so, he landed on the panels and had his first wreck. Knock on wood this is his last!

I should have taken the photo when they were still attached
to the rest of the round pen. But he bent the top
on the left panel, and his weight collapsed
the legs on both of them. Half of the pen
was no longer round...he pulled it all out of shape.

I was so glad he didn't break a leg! He only had scraped some hair off on his front legs, and he had a pretty big swollen bruise on his left outside forearm.

Of course I need to catch him and get him back to his stall and run. I get a halter and quietly approach him and wait for him to acknowledge that I'm there. He proceeds to take off running toward the barn and runs into a field fence type fence and he rips it off the post and Gus's front legs are stuck in the field fencing...and he stops...and begins eating...he tries to pick his feed up...and can't...and he continues eating. He picked up his front feet again and wiggled them around enough to where they came out of the fence and he walked off...calm as a cucumber! He proceeds to go in the front door of the barn, and I close up the barn so he can't get out.

I'm still in amazement that he was so stupid about jumping out of the 5 foot panels, but didn't give a rip about being tangled in wire...go figure!

The next day, I didn't let him out of his run, but went ahead and turned him out with Colt in the irrigated pasture in the afternoon. I was confident enough that he would let me catch him with Colt being caught too...they were best of buds!

There was a lot of this kind of action!

And after Colt herded Gus around like he was
a cow for 10 minutes, they went to eating grass.

Colt helped me teach Gus to pony...so Gus will get to go up on the hill for trail rides and build up some muscle tone. He really enjoys his training sessions. I like the lil' guy! Well..except when he jumps out of the round pen!

I think I'll be a lil' more cautious about what I say from now on!

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Jayke said...

Wow that's quite the adventure! My heart was in my throat when you were how he ran into the field fence.

He's some cute though, he'll make a very handsome competitor!

Susan said...

Wow! By field fence I'm guessing you mean barbed wire. Sounds like Gus had his feet roped by someone who knew what they were doing.? A good idea since it teaches them to give to wire.

Shirley said...

Well! Sounds like Gus is a smart boy, even if he isn't quite Spruce Meadows material! Glad that he wasn't hurt too much, although a few bruises may make him think twice about jumping fences again. You do have a couple of handsome boys there.

Sarah said...

I'm so glad Gus is ok, adn that's too bad about your round pen. Maybe your husband can force it back into shape. Looks like Colt is happy to have a new buddy!

Merri said...

geeeez that's scary. Dang horses. I watched Jose once misjudge the opening through a gate, he HIT the gate in his chest and it stopped him short, he sort of collapsed on top of it before I could scream, and he managed to get up and trot away. OMG my heart was pounding, he could have broken a leg there. Now the gate is totally bent from a 900 lb horse falling into it.
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Cowgirl Rae said...

OH Yeah, there is nothing nicer than the new gorse getting messed up the first week, remember my story about Dollys face?

At least no harm done, and soem new panels.

BTW.... I have a hunt saddle if you decide to start him over fences, sounds like he has the talent for it..... cross country maybe?

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Silly Gus. Glad he's ok. But I gotta tell ya, that Colt is one handsome horse.

Reddunappy said...

Gosh darn babies will get in trouble every time given half a chance, even when you think things are good! He must have been bored LOL glad he didnt get hurt worse!

CTG Ponies said...

Phew, that's scary!!! I'm so glad he was ok. What a dunderhead.

Linda said...


lisa said...

If they can get into trouble they sure will, it seems the big things that happen they can come out of it without to much problem but the little things are the ones that seem to be the biggest problem! I hope you understood that line of chibberish I just said!

The Wife said...

Never fails, huh. Start to brag about one of your animals and they go and do something. Glad he didn't get hurt. Sorry the round pen isn't round anymore!

Janice said...

I swear they try to kill themselves from birth, sure gald he isn't badly hurt.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Looks like Gus just gave you some more work to do, eh? Maybe he thought you were bored or somethin? lol!

I'm glad he wasn't seriously hurt, though. How scary. Just proves that no fence is 100% safe to hold a horse in if it really wants to escape.


Crystal said...

Wow, sounds like Gus had an adventure! He sure is a cute boy, will be neat so see him grow up.

Faithful said...

Well.. it sounds like Gus may have learnt his lesson about being too impatient (jumping a round pen, anyway)... without much damage to himself! Glad he is ok! It WILL be great to watch him come along!

gtyyup said...

Susan~We use the term 'field fencing' for what could also be called sheep fencing. The same fence that you see in the photos of Colt & Gus in this post. Thank God it wasn't barbed wire. I didn't think the breeders did much more than halter break them, but it's possible they might have hobbled or roped their feet...I was thinking the same thing as you.

Cowgirl Rae~Thanks for the offer on the hunt seat saddle...but I'm going to go for the cow horse thing first...if that's not his thing, I'll try jumping ;~)

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