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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bloggers, Bloggers...Everywhere There's Bloggers!

I'm back from my training in Portland...and as usual, it's great to be home!

Cindy Sue and Bella Jo are happy to be home too, but they had a great time at Doggie Day Care! Bella Jo has another BFF...and that would be Daisy!

Daisy had to be on a leash for the first day.
It was a rocky start for her as she'd had a bad
experience with other dogs and was a lil' on
the aggressive side. But with Nancy's
gentle guidance, the two girls were
getting along great!

Nancy's in love with Bella Jo...if I ever need
to re-home her, Nancy's on the top of the list.
But, if Bella Jo ever comes up missing, I'll know
where to look first ;~)

After the first full day together, which was nothing
but running and chasing, they were too tired
to do much else but sleep. They were inseparable!

Miss Cindy Sue, finally started to warm up
to Daisy on the last day and was trying
to get in on the play time too.
But her favorite place was on the leather couch!


Then the blogger dinner! A lot of readers have probably already read and seen the photos from Thursday night's blogger meet 'n great dinner.

Here's the line up:

The lovely Jocelyn & 20MC

Reddunappy & me

Good food, great beverages and fantastic
company...we couldn't have had a better evening!
We chatted horses, horses and more horses. The
evening went by way too fast!

There are some other bloggers who would have liked to meet too, but couldn't make it. So, I want to suggest a plan. I've got to go back for another training in May.

Let's set a date...May 20
Where: Old Spaghetti Factory, Clackamas Town Center
Time: 6:00 Happy Hour; 7:00 dinner

Who's in??? The more the merrier!!!


OK...there's one more blogger that I got to see, and she works for the Field Office that I work for! A couple of months ago, she left a comment on my blog, and we put two and two together. It's funny how small the world gets sometimes!

This is Daphne aka "squirrelgurl" at
Notes from the Squirrel Nest. Daphne did a presentation
at my training class on the last day. It was
fun to see her and get to chat horses for a while!

Happy Valentine's weekend everyone...don't miss Sunday Stills's a cutie!



jane augenstein said...

Wow!! That looks like soooo much fun!I would love to come and meet bloggers and have a great dinner and time but I am afraid that Ohio is a LONG drive off. sigh....maybe someday!
Love the pictures of the dogs! Sounds like after the grumbling they all had a grand time too!
Happy Valentine's Day to you and your man!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a super fun time. I wish Tennessee wasn't so far away!! I've been to Portland once, when my daughter and her husband used to live there for a short while. It's beautiful there.

Andrea said...

I am glaf the dogs were happy to see eachother!!!! And what fun to meet fellow bloggers!!!!! It sure looked and sounded like a blast!!!

wilsonc said...

I'm there on May 20th! I was bummed that I couldn't come. I'm still home sick. I had to miss a riding clinic today too...but I am there on May 20th for sure!

Heather said...

I'm in on May 20th! It's my birthday! What a great way to spend it with fellow bloggers...

Shirley said...

Looks like you had fun! I note the essential gear for bloggers- digital cameras and laptops!

Janice said...

Looks like a hoot. Your dogs looked very happy. Cindy Sue looks way to comfortable.What a great shot.

SquirrelGurl said...

It was so great to chat with you too!! I'm so glad we met!

Mikey said...

How totally cool is that?!!! I wish I'd been there!! What a great beautiful bunch of ladies. Makes me wish I lived closer!!

Ed said...

Very cool, I'm trying to set something up for October in Albuquerque for the Baloon Festival. There are a bunch of folks in that area too, I'll keep an eye on freight in May heading to Oregon, who knows..:-)

Anonymous said...

(sigh) I just wish I lived closer! Looks like both you AND the dogs had a fun time!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What fun! For the dogs...and for the ladies!

I would think there would be a ton of blogger meet ups with how many bloggers call Oregon and Washington their home. There aren't as many horse related bloggers in New Mexico unfortunately.
I'm glad you all had a blast together!


gtyyup said...

Yes, I sure wish everyone could get together!!

But, wilsonc 'n Heather...I'll really be lookin' forward to meetin' ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey, can I horn in on this as well? Unless it's a ballet night (grin). Seriously, I'm another PDX-area blogger (about horses, skiing, and SF writing as well as the teaching day job).

gtyyup said...

joycemocha~Well of course! I'd love to put faces with the names we meet while blogging. I'll post again when we're getting close to the date...but mark your calendar! Look forward to meetin' ya!

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