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Monday, April 6, 2009

Duncan's Gone to His New Home!

Good Luck Duncan!
Congratulations Kate!

Well, Master Duncan has arrived at his new home and will soon begin an offical career. As I mentioned in Duncan's "Happy Gotcha Day" post, he has been lined up to sell to a, not a meat packer...My friend Kate packs for the Forest Service. She has a string of Haflingers that she has been using, but wants to have a string of "Big Summit" herd management area mustangs.

Duncan is from that herd and totally fits the requirements for Kate's plan...which you will soon see.

So, Saturday was the big day. We loaded him up in the big trailer...

Good boy steps right in.
He's only hauled twice before.

I took off his halter and left him loose in the trailer.

Three hours later, we're coming into the outskirts of Bend Oregon.
Those are the Three Sisters mountains in the Cascade range.

My Man leads Duncan from the trailer to his new digs.
He hauled like a pro...not a peep out of him!

Duncan's checking out his new friends in the pasture
next to him...we're going to miss you big guy... I want to make some introductions to some of Duncan's new co-workers...

This is resemblence to Duncan right...LOL
Kate is going to have DNA done on the two of them
to see how closely they are related.

And, this is Beaver...another brown Big Summit gelding.

Kate is so excited to be seeing her dream come true...she'll have 4 brown "Big Summit" geldings and one mare...packing in the wilderness. She has promised pics and I plan on posting his progress and adventures as a pack horse!

Kate on the right and my other dear friend Gayle
at this weekend's Western Arts Roundup.



BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Holy Cow...all three of those guys could be mistaken for the same horse. Uncanny resemblence. I would say that the Big Summit horses have become a "type". Do the mares look the same?

That's awesome that Duncan is going to have a career. Looking forward to seeing future posts on him.;)

The Wife said...

I wouldn't have known that was a different horse unless you told me! Hope Duncan enjoys his new digs!

Sydney said...

wow I totally thought they were the same horses until I read the words that went with the pics.

Celeste said...

Good luck Duncan - hope you have a great time in your new digs. Looking forward to future posts :)

Java's Mom said...

What a good boy for loading so well and not getting one bit upset over the move. Duncan sure is cute, he must have been hard to let go, but his new job sounds very exciting!!

Broken Y said...

How exciting for you to know that your Duncan is going to be well loved and cared for and helping to fulfill another dream!

Those mountains are beautiful!


Kathleen Coy said...

Aw, what a good boy Duncan is. I hope he likes his new home. He might think he is looking in the mirror a lot, lol.

Pony Girl said...

They really do all look so much a like! Nice solidly built horses. I'm glad he found a new calling with a person who obviously loves the Mustangs!
p.s. I LOVE Bend!! I've been there twice. Love the pine trees. I would live in that area in a heartbeat if I could.

Sit A Spell said...

They look so similar! Glad all worked out. Your Toby is quite handsome! I've really enjoyed my first visit here.

Paint Girl said...

I am so glad to hear Duncan got a new home. It sounds like he'll have a wonderful new life!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww,Duncan has clearly joined his family again. He's such a cutie...and gosh! He's stocky! Looks like he could carry a couple hundred pounds easy peasey up and down mountains.

Thanks for sharing Duncan's story. You've done good by him, K. :)


CTG Ponies said...

Good luck to Duncan in his new home!! I have a Mexican Mustang gelding that looks very similar to Duncan and the other black bays. Makes me wonder where exactly he came from. He's branded but it's not a BLM brand.

Ed said...

Happy trails master Duncan, you will be a great addition to the Forest Service..:-)

Andrea said...

Amazing how alike they all look! I guess you'd have to know them to tell them apart. :) Glad he found a great home and traveled so well.

Shirley said...

There is great satisfaction in finding just the right home for a horse; good job with Duncan. He looks like he will be welll suited to his new home.

Rebekah said...

So happy that Duncan has a good home!! Those horses sure look a lot alike... Please do keep us all posted as to Master Duncan's further adventures as a packhorse! :)

Andrea said...

It's always a little bitter sweet when ever you sell a horse. I always get so sad for selling them but so excited for their new home. I am glad he will be with fellow big browns!! LOL!! What an exciting life he has in front of him!!

Cheryl Ann said...

They all look very much alike! Boy, he is stocky! One of my mustangs, Scout, is also stocky!

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