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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Year of Farming Starts Today

Yep, here we go we started farming. Fertilizer is key to getting a good crop of alfalfa. We were hoping that there would be snow on the ground when we spread the fertilizer and then a nice blanket of fresh snow would fall to cover it the snow melts it takes the fertilizer into the ground. But, that's not happening this year.

It almost looks like snow doesn't it? But, it's just a real heavy frost this morning. By Wednesday of this week, they're forecasting rain or snow. It'll work just as well though.

We hire a neighbor to cut, rake, and bale our hay. It's too expensive to buy all that equipment for our small 45 acres of alfalfa. Today we borrowed the neighbor's tractor to pull the fertilizer wagon...My Man is driving it...loving to play with the "big boy" toys!

Before we know it, the alfalfa will come out of dormancy and we'll be irrigating again!



The Wife said...

Don't ya just love good neighbors. We borrow our neighbor's tractor ALL THE TIME! I think we should make some payments as much as we use it! Good luck with the farmin'!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How far are you from your nearest neighbors? I bet when you're so rural, the neighbors all rely on each other to help one another.
Ironic that folks with neighbors cose enough to reach out and touch in the suburbs or city barely know each other.

So how big is your entire spread if 45 acres is just the irrigated alfalfa crop? How long have you guys been growing alfalfa?

Gosh, way too many nosy questions! Sorry!
I think it's just fascinating the life you live. I look forward to seeing your alfalfa fields as they grow and mature.

That frost looks so cold, but also pretty :)


Pony Girl said...

Hard to believe it's time to start working on crops in January! Your man looks like he's having a great time with the big toys! I forgot, do you sell your hay or do you keep it for yourself? Do you sell it locally or export it out of state?

Kathleen Coy said...

Wow, it does seem early to be farming. But of course out here all we have is corn and soybeans.

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