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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Typical Christmas Tree Cutting Expidition???

No snow, not a cloud in the sky...just the typical 10-15 mph winds of Harney County. Perfect day to go get a Christmas tree! Shouldn't we have snow? Well, technically yes...but this year we'll just have to do without.

After a good breakfast of fresh eggs, hash browns, bacon, English muffins and lots of hot coffee, we're ready to go!

Alrighty then. Who wants to go?!?!

Cindy Sue's got her coat and scarf on...she's always ready!
Wherever mom goes, she goes.
My Man's got the "This could be a long day" look.

Cowboy says "Yahoo!!! Hit it dad, we're ready"!!!

Cindy Sue's ridin' shotgun as usual.
"When are we gonna get there?"

Trees? What trees? Where are the Christmas trees?
The flat top butte on the far right is Hat Butte (just down the road from our place).
The hill on the far left is the backside of our hill.

Ok, this is not your typical Christmas tree cutting. This is not going to be your typical Christmas tree. It's going to be a Juniper! Our neighbors have one every year and it totally engulfs your house with it's poignant aroma. So, we're gettin' a Juniper this year!

My Man: "How 'bout this one honey?"

gtyyup: "No...too small."

My Man: "How 'bout this one honey?"

gtyyup: "Uh...don't you think that's a lil' too big?"

So we keep looking...and we find some other interesting things along the way.

From far away, it looked like a natural hole in the rock.
But, it's just stacked rocks in the absolute middle of nowhere.
We decided some buckaroo had a lil' bit too much time on his hands.
But, it made for good conversation!

We spied a possible lake bed at the base of that hill.
Rumor is that there's a small lake up in here somewhere with fish in it!
We decided to bring the horses up next time and take a day ride.

Cowboy is having a great time!
He's my Mr. Handsome.

There were lots of rock formations to explore.
Many critter dens are in the rocks; some in use, some not.
Abby blends right in with the rocks & brush; see her butt?

It's always amazes me how plants can grow right out of the middle of a rock!

The orange and yellow colors were beautifully striking
in contrast to the gray rock and bare brush.

Then there's the evidence that the cattle have been grazing on this allotment.
What's that saying about "It's raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock?"
How about a cow crapping on a flat rock?

Well, we finally find the perfect tree.
And, wouldn't you know it, we get so caught up in the moment
that My Man gets it cut down before I could take it's picture?!!!

Can a man do anything without getting dirty!!
Nope! ;~)

Ha!! It doesn't even look like a Christmas tree does it?!?
But, it's perfect for us! I love it!

Then silly Abby found a jack rabbit head (yep, just the head) and proceeded to eat it for lunch!
Probably left overs from a coyote.
At least it was fresh and not rotten!

We loaded up the tree, the dogs and headed for home.
It was a fun adventure!

Thanks for comin' along.

Merry Christmas!


Pony Girl said...

Too funny, I just read that Linda at the 7msn blog got a juniper for her tree, too! ;) I bet the juniper smells lovely!
Thanks for sharing your tree-hunting adventure with us. I got to live vicariously....since I won't be getting a real tree this year. Oh who knows, maybe I will at the last minute and get a Charlie Brown branch tree or something, hee!
Be sure to show us what the tree looks like all lit and decorated up! ;)

Kathleen said...

Very cool, thanks for taking us along. I bet it smells wonderful!

the7msn said...

We're leading parallel lives today...all hail the Juniper!

20 meter circle of life said...

I know what the rocks are!!! They are all over harney county, they are 1 landmarks used by land assayors (dont think I spelled that right) many of them were built by the people that were forced into the YCC camps. if you get over towards the christmas valley cutoff just pass wagon wheel there are tons of them and even a few entire fences out that way.
PS little secret it was a family member of mine that was part of the Killing mob that did Mr French in.

Andrea said...

What a wonderful idea! I can't wait to see it all decorated.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

We have many juniper trees around our land. We decorate a few of them near the house with lights. But we keep a fake tree in the house now. I always used to keep forgetting to water the tree and then by Christmas, it ended up losing all it's needles and being a fire hazard. gah!

I love how you shared all your Christmas Tree photos and commentary and your fun adventures along the way. I bet you never get bored as you live through each day :)

New Mexico

Latigo Liz said...

Can’t wait to see your tree all decorated!

The Wife said...

Thanks for takin' us along on the tree expedition. I love the tree. I think it is perfect!

The W.O.W. factor said...

We had a juniper one year in MT. They DO make the house smell wonderful!
Looks like the whole family had a great day!
(those rock pilings? Most of the ones a person sees, used to be trail markers by cowboys/sheepherders/trappers etc..)

Ed said...

What a fantastic story, thanks for telling it...Ed
p.s. love the music...

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