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Friday, December 12, 2008

The Storm is Coming...So They Say...hmmm

Us folks here in Harney County have been waiting for Winter to hit for a month and a far, all we've had is a lil' skiff of snow one mornin' and some freezing temps. Not the usual high desert winter of Eastern Oregon.

I'm almost tempted to not believe the weather forcast, but the rain came this afternoon and with that are supposed to be freezing temps (23 degrees) and high winds (40 mph). I don't sleep well when the wind's blowin', I know that there's moisture with it, and my kids are out there. So, I brought 3 of the 7 horses into the barn tonight. It's only the second time this winter that they've been in overnight. The rock cliffs generally give them great wind shelter, but I worry when the precipitation starts comin' down.

Sorry for the kind of fuzzy pics...I'm still trying to figure that out...

The old man Toby...I couldn't get his face out of the feeder!
You can also see Toby had a nice roll during the rain today!

Colt would rather not be bothered with the Kodak Moment.

Whiskey, My Man's horse, is also much more interested in his hay than having his picture taken!

But, there they are...nicely tucked away in their stalls for the night. They also have access to an outside 12x14 run where their heated water tubs are. They're good. Why these three? Oddly enough, they're our three Quarter Horses...are they not tough enough? No...they LIKE to be in. They really do! My mustangs do ok in the stalls, but they prefer to be outside and make their own decisions...that's ok with me...I know they will make the right decision.

So, where are the other 4 horses and 2 burros you ask?

Brego (Kiger Mustang), Colt's daytime pasture buddy, is fed in a newly built shelter which will eventually have a 24 x 24 ft paddock (meeting BLM requirements for wild horse adoption).

The other 3 mustangs (Coyote, Rohan, and Duncan) and 2 burros (Catnip and Stetson) are fed at the "Mustang Barn" which has a shelter and good wind breaks. They really like being able to roam our 270 acre hill during the day...I can't blame them for's almost like being out in the wild again. That's why I call them the Wild Bunch!

Stay warm and dry everyone!


Kathleen said...

Hope everyone stays warm!
The cold snap is supposed to reach us Sun night. Brrrrrrrr!

Anonymous said...

Ahh...the wheater....
We have here rain, rain, rain, since 3 days. And in the neighbours land 2 hours away the have so much snow, nearly 2 meters. So I hope we get here snow too for christmas.
The pics from Toby, Colt and Whiskey are so sweet.

Have a nice day,
wish you all the best.

Greetings send you

Latigo Liz said...

It’s slushy ugly here tonight, but that is almost normal for this time of year. Usually just wet and not so much slushy, but I would welcome a bit of white stuff...for a little while anyway!

Heather said...

We don't get very many winter storms here. Tuesday it snowed for about 20 minutes and rained off and on for the day. The next day it was back in the upper 50's and Thursday and Friday it was in the 60's. Love that desert weather! I would like to see a normal winter, but I don't know if I could handle the cold! It's supposed to blow with up to 50 mph gusts today, that's the winter weather I could do without!
Sorry for the blog in the blog! Hope you stay warm and drink plenty of cinnamon hot chocolate!

Tracey said... have it so good! It's snowing here and at least it's a dry snow! Our winds hit 60 today. Not here in the valley, but up north a bit where you can see Canada, eh.

You know, we were driving along this morning and in my rear view mirror I spotted the sun rising over the mountains. It was was also 8:15 am. I miss Harney County.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

We are supposed to be getting slammed tomorrow too. I spent the last couple of days making sure everyone at mom's had an ample supply of hay to get nice and filled up before the temps drop and the winds start howling. Today was so nice, it was hard to believe that we are expecting blizzard conditions, 3-5" of snow and below zero temps by Sunday morning. I cleaned the poop piles out of the barn, bedded my old mare's stall, filled waterer's and stashed hay next to the barn so I could still feed the pony's even in a blizzard.
Everyone is tucked in with full tummies, warm water and no frozen turds to have to stand on...I can rest easy.

Cassie said...

Love reading what's going on in your life.....and the pictures are wonderful. Love, Cassie and Diane

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I loved reading about and seeing your kids. Those 3 wooly boys look so warm and content in the barn.

Hope all your wild bunch stay and warm and dry during the storm.

We've got 60 mph wind gusts and temps in the 20's with blowing snow going on right now here in the mountains. Brrrrr!

All the critters are nice and warm in the barn, though.

New Mexico

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