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Sunday, December 28, 2008

So, ya wanna know some scraps 'bout me???

I've been Scrapped!

Well, I've been "Scrapped" by purdy lil' Vaquerogirl at California Cowgirl. Yep, I gotta spill the beans about me...10 tidbits of interest. Well, I don't know how interesting any of this could be, but it's always fun to play blogger games!

1. It's a sad story, I got my first pony for my 6th birthday and she foundered so bad we had to put her down.

2. Then the first horse my mom bought me was a total two-in-one surprise...I came home from school and there was this cute lil' filly! WoW did my eyes get big!

3. I've been married more than once...or twice...But, I've been married for almost 10 years to my best friend and the best, most sincere man on earth. He spoils me rotten and loves doing it! What more could there be?

4. Bling? I hate bling! I'm NOT a bling person. I don't follow the Columbia Circuit Finals rodeo I went looking at the booths to find something good to bring home...bling, bling, bling, everywhere I went...blagh!!! I can't wait for the Jordon Valley Big Loop rodeo in that's my kind of shoppin'...rawhide, wool 'n leather. I even wear the same style of Wranglers from 20 years ago. And I like to wear Packers...period.

5. When I was in high school, I worked at the local A & W with my good buddy Rick Dancer as a car hop...change belt and the whole bit...well, not the roller skates. Rick was the that man!

6. Dancing is my second favorite pastime after horses...two-step, waltz, west-coast swing, east-coast swing, cha them all...I'd take more ballroom dancing if it were available locally. Dancin's the one time I like to wear high heels and a dress ;~)

7. I love all types of music rock, alternative, country, but my favorite is "Cowboy" music...Ian Tyson, Wylie Gustafson, Dan Roberts, R.W. Hampton, Bren Hill, Red Stegall. I play a lil' bit of guitar and sing a lil' too...but haven't for years...the guitar is in the back of the spare closet.

8. We haven't had TV for over 3 years...we decided we don't have time for it and it's all crap anyhow. We have NetFlix and Sirius the new "Willie's Place" on Sirius...Honky Tonk 24/7 Yahoo!!! We dance in the kitchen when the mood strikes!

9. I like to bake and cook when I have time...when I don't, and am in a hurry I hate it!

10. My first truck & trailer was a Toyota 5 speed with a 1 horse trailer that was rebuilt (numerous times). I've grown since then...I'm on my 2nd 1 ton and have two trailers; a 4 horse gooseneck stock trailer and a 3 horse with living quarters.

Well there ya be!

Let's see...I get to "Scrap" a few other of my blogger friends. I'm choosin'...

My Pard Tracey at Mustang Diaries

The lovely Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch

Mr. Ed (pun intended) a fantastic photographer
at Thoughts from the Road

And PrairieRunner Linda, the lady I would truly love to meet at
Just Another Day on the Prairie

So blogger friends...tell me what'cha got!


Jocelyn said...

Wow, how sad about your first pony !
I am a secret bling lover, but now that I am older, it seems more suited for the kiddos :)

You worked at A and W? I still eat at the Boring one sometimes!

Andrea said...

I'm right there with you on the bling. Quality made tack is all the bling needed. I'd love to have a saddle like yours!

My Tonka was trained at Wylie Gustafson's place. Nice people! I've yet to hear his music, but I hear it's good. Next time I swing through Dusty I'll stop at the country store and pick up a CD.

The Wades said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog and especially for your prayers for Max. We really appreciate that! :)

KCNH said...

Thank you so much for fallowing along with her progress. Yes she is really starting to come along. She is definately one of the most athletic mustangs I have worked with which is really getting me excited. Keep fallowing along and tell me what you think. Thank you.

The Wife said...

It's always great to learn a little more about your blogger buddies! Thanks for sharing!

kdwhorses said...

Love to hear more about ya!

Ya I'm so not girly girl, my christmas present is sitting in my pasture a catch trailer! Of course we got it a couple of months ago, but it was my Christmas present.

Nice presents from hubby, way to go!

Love the snow pics! JUst gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, I'm not a blinger either! I did mine but it's not nearly as interesting.

Ed said...

Great info, Does the Montana silversmith beltbuckle count as bling?.. :-)
Send my the scrap pic and I'll do it tomorrow.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ok now! You didn't just tag me now did ya? lol!
Ok, since I've got oceans of free time right now, I'll not hold it against you...this time! hehe

I totally love learning more about my blog buddies.

Now let's see...

That first pony story is so sad. It would have been better not have gotten one at all, eh. But the little filly birthday gift sure made up for that disappointment :) What was the two-in one surprise though? Did the filly come with it's mama?
Yay! On this current and last marriage. He sounds like a real keeper. A best friend of the heart. What a blessing it is to have him in your life at this time in your life, eh? I'm so happy for you, my friend.

I'm not a bling person either. I don't wear jewelry and even though I have two holes in my ears, I usually forget to wear any earrings at all. Jeans and a T-shirt are my thing. Even my saddle is very simple. Just a basic barwire tooling. I figure I'm sitting on it, so what does it matter what it looks like. As long as something does the job, I'm happy. I usually wear Faded Glory Jeans 'cause they are only $8.00 so I don't care if they end up getting a rip or worn knees (ouch, did I just say that word?), but I used to wear wranglers, but find they make my gravity-challenged butt look even flatter than they already are. lol! So what are Packers?

Ok carhop, eh? you've got to post some photos of that era! heheh

Oooh! I love to watch people dance, who know what they're doing. I can't dance well with my two left feet (and right now with crutches it might be even harder. lol!) I envy you in a good way that you can wear high heels. Being as I'm already 5'11, with heels I'd look like a skyscraper! lol :P

I'm open-minded to music, too. Like everything but angry-rap, acid rock, and blue-grass. I always enjoy visiting your blog and relaxing to
your music playlist. You have excellent taste in music. And I'd love to listen to you play your guitar. My son Jem, has just finished his first year playing acoustic. It's just lovely listening to him play. Now he wants to delve into electric guitar. Woohooo. :D

Good for you not getting sucked into the boob tube. We do have and watch TV. My hubby liks political TV shows. Before my accident I rarely watched TV, maybe just a 1/2 hour before bedtime. I like Natl Geo., RFDTV, Animal Planet, Discovery channel. But I'd rather blog then watch TV. lol! I love the vision of you and your hubby dancing together in the kitchen. What fun! Does he help you cook, too?

lol! You're a big girl now with your vehicles, arent ya? :)

I'll get working on mine this week.
(And trying to think of some way to get even with you. Bwahahahaah! -evil laughter-)

New Mexico

The W.O.W. factor said...

Carhop? Yep done that, jingling change belt and all! Not at A&W tho...a local burger joint! I had a blast!
Wylie Gustafson? Our neighbor! 20 miles away!
Dancing..our favorite pasttime, when we had places available, now we dance at home.
Love to learn more about my blogging friends, thanks for sharing!

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