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Monday, December 1, 2008

The Faster I Go, The Behinder I Get!

Is that the right saying? If it isn't, you know what I mean. I just can't believe how the days fly by!

The last couple of weeks I spent working on my newest part-time job. I've always thought that the area where I live needed a small, local, fun, informative, interesting, horsey newspaper. I'd put off the idea for 3 years. But, a few weeks ago I called a gal who lives in Central Oregon because I had picked up one of her papers which just happened to be exactly what I had been thinking of. I just wanted to pick her brain a little on how to get a publication started.

Well, it just happened that she has been wanting to expand into Harney County!!! Perfect!! She and I hit it off and I figured "Why reinvent the wheel." She's been doing publications for decades and can teach me a lot. So, I've been selling ads and get a commission on them. It's been great. I'm getting off the property a little bit, meeting new people, visiting with old friends, and just enjoying a little bit of social activity.

So, the publication is called Horsefly and is published monthly. We go to print on Wednesday and so that will be my first issue to be involved in. I'm really excited.

Thanksgiving was a great time. My 2 brothers and their wives came along with one of my nieces. In addition they brought 3 dogs. Needless to say, our little 2 bedroom home was a bit crowded!! John & I slept in the big horse trailer. It's nicely self contained and it made me want to go camping!!!

Here's the family:

And next is Christmas!!! Can you believe it's only 23 days away?!?!?!? I'm freaking out! I've got lots of leather projects to work on as gifts and better get my behind in gear!

Oh...I know I am so far behind in reading everyone's blogs. I'm making headway though!! Mikey, I'll be there to pick up those flowers!


C-ingspots said...

Welcome back!! Congratulations on the paper - that sounds so exciting and will probably prove to be a lot of fun. Sounds like you had a very nice Thanksgiving with your family too. And, me too, I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner!! I haven't even begun my Christmas thinking, yet alone shopping, baking, decorating...sheesh, better get my buttons moving already!!

The Wife said...

Your new endeavor with the paper sounds awesome!

I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner either. I need to decorate, bake, wrap, oh my....I don't even want to think about it!

Pony Girl said...

That is SO exciting about the paper! I don't known if you knew I had publication aspirations as a teen. I use to publish my own horsey penpal newsletter! ;)

Oh yes, it's hard to believe C-mas is around the corner. I'm starting to get into the spirit by listening to holiday music and watching holiday movies.

Reddunappylitivensfe said...

Wow sounds like youve been busy, wondered what happened to ya. The paper sounds fun! good luck.

Kathleen said...

I hear ya, I'm running to catch up too, it's such a busy time of year!

Very cool about the paper, congrats! :-)

OneCowgirl said...

The newspaper sounds like great fun!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

23 days away??? How did THAT happen?
Congrats on HorseFly!! That's really exciting. Will you be writing articles or doing reserch for the publication, too?

I hope it goes really well and stays fun for you, too.

I'm glad you're Thanksgiving was such a great time with family....and dogs. hehe
And camping, too! :)

Oh, and I've got a little something for you, too:

A Jewel for you!

New Mexico

kdwhorses said...

Congrats on the paper, sounds great! Good luck!

UGH 23 days! It'll be here before we know it!

I know what you mean, I'm barely keeping up!

Love the family pic, sounds like a great time of food, family and fellowship was had! I know what you mean about small houses! We have a 2 bedroom farm house. I do love it though, nice and cozy!!

sista' moonshine said...

Congrats on the newspaper! What a great opportunity and a wonderful door to walk thru. Enjoy it! Can't wait to hear more about it. I've been trying to catch up on reading everyone's blogs too. Been busy making candles and trying to get gifts shipped out. Love your pixs on Thanksgiving.

Mikey said...

23 days? Is that for real? GAH!! I need to finish my shopping!!
Love the family pic, that's the best to have family with you on Turkey Day!

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