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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Stills ~ The Letter "F"

This week's photo challenge for Sunday Stills...The Letter F

FIRST...I have a question. OK...those of you that use Blogger and are uploading your photos directly through Blogger, are you have any clarity issues?

My first photo is "Flooding Fence Posts." There are two copies below...the first through Flickr; the second through Blogger. Look at the clarity, and I had the same problem with every photo that I loaded through Blogger today! I don't know what the deal is, but Blogger seems to be having issues!

Flooding Fenceposts
This photo uploaded to Flickr then imbedded to Blogger

This same photo was uploaded directly to Blogger

If you know what might be going on, please email or leave a comment.


An Orange That Isn't Orange
An Orange That Isn't An Orange.
This is a Moro Blood Orange...juicy, but not too sweet.

Left Behind
Farm Equipment
It's been sitting in the same spot ever since we moved here...over seven years.
I bet it hauled a bunch of hay in its time!

Geraniums in Winter
A surprise from my Geranium in the dead of winter!

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On another subject...flooding from yesterday's post...I need to clarify things a little bit...visuals are best I think!

Flood Water Routes
Flood water routes
The water fall that's created from the berm comes off the rim rock on the right and goes down hill to the pasture gates and on out to the alfalfa field.

The center arrow shows the direction of the water flow from all the snow and rain that drains from that area, my circus pole and round, which goes into the ditch behind the barn.

The arrow on the left is the direction the water flows from that area which goes in front of the barn...and was too frozen to dig a ditch.

The little brown run-in shed located at the middle of the barn is a high spot, so everything drains from about that point toward the barn.

Long story short, builder (before us) didn't put the barn up on a pad like he should have; he built it level with the ground. Time has taken its toll and low spots have been created at the front and back sliding doors.

The hay storage and tack room have been built up to the correct level. The stalls are about half way built up (need to add more fill), but the aisle down the middle needs to come up 6-8 inches, and I want rubber mats wall to wall in the aisle. We'll put a small culvert at the front and the back of the barn...LOL...when we have money and time...so, it's a work in progress!

Today, everything's all froze up again and we've got to decide whether to leave Whiskey out in that rim pasture on the right or try to get him up the a stall in the barn without falling...it's a sheet of VERY slick ice. So far, he's staying off the ice and has a pool of water to drink from. But that pool will be froze in the next day since the forecast is the mid teens for at least the next week. I hate this part of winter.


Ian Holland said...

That tractor would be a great fixer-up project!

Janice said...

Great choices. That Geranium is sure a nice bit of color.
I"m with you on the winter part...although this year we don't have a lot of ice....Yet!!!! and we won't see any flooding for a few more months....yuk not looking forward to that.

Janice said...

PS : I can't even get my pics through blogger anymore but you are right there sure is a difference there. And I wanted to say nice to see you back.

Anonymous said...

Love that tractor... and the wide shot of the valley. As to your image problems, I not on blogger, but it could be that the lesser quality image could be uploaded smaller on blogger and they you're 'stretching' it in your post which will degrade the clarity... just a thought...

Crystal said...

Hmm interesting the difference, I always upload straight to blogger so never noticed a difference.

A Quiet Corner said...

Funny you mention pictures and blogger in the same sentence...I couldn't load pictures at all until I signed off then went back on a few hours later!...:)JP

lisa said...

Great picture idea's! I tried your beer bread and it came out fantastic!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Nice shots. I'm lost on the photo upload issue. They look the same on my screen?

aurora said...

The flooding fence shots look identical for me as well, even clicked & enlarged. My geranium has a bloom too, it's nice to have colorful flowers in winter!

MTWaggin said...

Great submissions and I too have had intermittent issues with the photos I've loaded up to blogger. Hope the flooding stays to a minimum sounds like you have the same issue we do, freezes, then thaws but not the ground so the water runs......

Nancy Claeys said...

With as many photos I upload to Blogger, I haven't had an issues yet. (knock wood.)

Love the oranges -- I'm a cutie orange fanatic myself! :)

Candy C. said...

Great letter F pictures! I was having problems even being ABLE to load my photos directly for awhile. Grrrr...
What a mess with the flooding. I can't even imagine trying to walk a horse across a sheet of ice, that would be scary!

Anonymous said...

wow, i fell n love with the greens in snow and water.......pheww!!

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