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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fun in the Snow!

WoW...a balmy 42 degrees right now! The thaw is well underway, but by tomorrow night, it'll be 19 degrees with snow again...highs in the 20's. So, the heat wave is going to be short lived.

But, I'm being VERY cautious of spots of ice. We lost Carina a few years back to an accident on ice, and I don't want to experience that again.

Yesterday afternoon was a good day to take a hike with the pups. And, it's time to get started working Rastus with the cows again too!

That's Rastus in the flying snow! He was more than anxious to work cows!!

Where the cows are, it doesn't get much sun, so the snow is still pretty deep. But the footing was good, so Rastus and I worked on commands. We haven't worked cows since last fall...we both need work!

The look of satisfaction. Rastus says "I did good!!"

Red Dog has his fun too running up and down the hill side in the snow!

Find the Dog
On the look out...checkin' for varmints of course.

Lots of melting...

I took this photo yesterday knowing that the icicles wouldn't be their today...in fact, the whole section slid off the roof about the time I went out to feed last evening.

Pierce is really doing good too! His legs have lost most of their swelling and if the ground would cooperate, I'd let him out with Colt again (we think we have any corners "Pierce proof"). But, for now, I'll leave him alone with the stall, run and round pen...I prefer to play it safe right now.

The plan is to go out and work cows again this afternoon...off we go!


cheyenne jones said...

Fantastic. It makes me think I could be there!

Shirley said...

Rastus looks like he's pretty happy to get back to work! Baby proofing pens... that's an ongoing thing around here. No matter how good you think you have it they invent new ways to hurt themselves. Glad the little guy is better.

Crystal said...

Oh I wanna work cows too!

Andee said...

Looks like so much fun in the snow!

Buckaroo Barbie said...

LOVE these pictures! :)

Linda said...

I love reading what goes on in your day on the ranch! I can enjoy everything without having to do the work! Shamefully lazy, I am! Not really, but I sure don't like being out in the snow! Ergo, I live in southern Virginia!

Val said...

We had a quick melt here yesterday too. In paths that we walk for haying and watering by hand...it is slick as all get out!

The snow is soft. I was in the woods and the deer trails are quite packed.

Nice job working with Rastus and the cattle.
I'm going to ask a dumb question, how much of that is natural with your cattle dogs?

A lot of their talent is instinct correct?

Candy C. said...

Love these pictures! By now you're probably back in the cold so stay warm!

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