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Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Favorite Photos for 2012

Oh, my...so many photos to choose from!! But it was fun scrolling through the year.

I hope I don't cause a log jam on someone's computer, but this is my short list :~)

Some of my photos I like because they have good color or lighting, some are composed well...and some are just sentimental and bring me good memories of the day. I guess that's why I'm calling these My Favorites!

Thanks for spending the year with us at the Rough String.

A Rare Two-Headed Donkey
A Rare Two-Headed Donkey

Winter Warmth
Winter Warmth

Snow Dog
Snow Dog

Step Back in Time~2
Step Back in Time

Rip 'n Tear
Rip 'n Tear

Are You My Mother?
Are You My Mother?

On the Hunt
On the Hunt

Catching the Heels
Catchin' the Heels

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Can I be your friend?

Steens Mountain from Alvord Ranch

Old Granary (which I would spell as Grainery, but understand it is not correct!)

When There's a Will...There's a Way

Viewing God's Country
Viewing God's Country

Eyes~A Window to the Soul
Eyes~A Window to the Soul

Glory Tree
Glory Tree

The Big Yellow
The Big Yellow

Thanks for all of your support through the year. I'm looking forward to "see what I can capture" in 2013!


Andee said...

Such a wonderful collection of photos. I love "are you my mother" the best :)

cheyenne jones said...

Its been a pleasure following your blog. And I like the push me, pull you!

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

great pics. a 2 headed donkey... ha. ha!! cute. i love the "snow dog"... nice ones!!! ( :

Ian Holland said...

Great shots! It would be tough to pick a favourite out of them.I would have to go with eyes.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Beautiful photos each one.

Reddunappy said...

And beautiful shots, every one!!

The Dancing Donkey said...

Great shots, I'm glad I don't have to make a choice.

shadowlake2005 said...

All great shots but I love the two-headed donkey!

Paint Girl said...

I was trying to pick a favorite, like the 2 headed donkey, snow dog and then I gave up. I love each and everyone of them!! You have amazing pictures!! Keep 'em coming!

lisa said...

Now those are some awesome pictures!

Shirley said...

I can see why they are your favourites. They are mine too!

Buckaroo Barbie said...

You take amazing photographs!! Thank you for sharing! :)

Babygoose said...

Great photos! You should enter the photo contest that RANGE Magazine holds every year. You would have a great shot at winning.


Candy C. said...

Loved them all! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your pictures in 2013! :)

Erin Mullins said...

You have some AMAZING!!! photos. I would love to know what kind of camera you use? I'm looking to buy a "good" camera and have been asking around to see what people use or recomend.


gtyyup said...

Babygoose~Thanks for the link...I might do that! We get their calendar every year through our electric co-op. They've got some mighty fine photos and photographers!

Hi Erin~I use two cameras; one for the saddle and one when I'm not riding. The one for my saddle is just an old Fugi FinePix E900. It's small and I can easily leave it on auto and run it with one hand. But, I have to enhance the colors in my PhotoShop Elements program to make them worth anything. But "Viewing God's Country," "Winter Warmth" and "Are You My Mother?" were all taken with that camera. I've tried using the manual settings on that camera, but I get better photos setting it on Auto. My better camera is 4 years old already! A Canon PowerShot SX20IS (which has a 20x zoom lens). They now have a PowerShot that has a 50x zoom lens...that would be awesome! It's still a point and shoot camera in my mind because you can't change lenses on it, but it has all of the manual settings available, which I'm trying to learn. You can have a really expensive camera and not get the shots you like without good lighting, composition and patience...and hitting the shoot button and then hitting delete a lot!!! Hope this helps you.

Val said...

You don't need a million dollar camera to take million dollar photos which you do fantastically!

I love those all. I agree a point & shoot are absolutely your best friend especially while mounted!

All of these are fantastic.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I would call it a Grainery too..love that shot and the rainbow and those Border Collie eyes..all great photos! :)

Elizabeth Martin said...

Beautiful shots!!! LOVE them all - no wonder they are your favorite!

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