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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cindy Sue~Surviving the Coyote Attack

~Good friends always look out for each other.~
~Patty Carey 1901~

That quote is exactly what it felt like to me for the past two days.

I can't put into words how grateful we are for all of the prayers, good thoughts, well wishes, and just the outpouring of love and concern for our lil' Cindy Sue. From blogging friends, FaceBook friends, to Cindy Sue's lil' Dogster pals...everyone was there for her (and us). You've truly moved my heart.

And the wonderful thing is that all of your efforts are working!!! She's on the mend...and we're expecting a complete recovery.

So, after one night at the vet clinic, Cindy Sue was released to come home!

Cindy Sue with Dr. Macie when I went to pick her up yesterday.
We spent the next 45 min. learning how to clean her wounds.

She spent the afternoon and evening here on her comfy bed in
front of the woodstove...with a warm rice bag.

WARNING~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The following photos are graphic.

Her wounds need to be cleaned twice a day. She's on two types of antibiotics, a pain med, and Metacam (anti-inflammatory).

She's got lots of dried blood and drainage. It's flaking off,
but we can put her in the tub and carefully rinse the
areas that don't have wounds. You also see the drainage
tube from her tummy.

Cindy Sue's worst wounds are at the back end. They (the two coyotes)
tried to take her lil' stubby tail off! She has holes on each side
of the tail and on the upper leg and hip areas.

The hole on her hip is big, but the ones closer
 to her tail were deeper and are very painful.

This other hip side is a very deep one too. Her tummy
is all stitched up with the drainage tube to do it's job.
That will be removed in about two weeks.

Her neck is the least damaged. There are 3 holes on the top and one on the side.
They already look like they are healing closed!

This shoulder took a bad rip (not just a hole).
The Dr wanted to stitch it, but there was already some yucky
lookin' stuff coming out of it, and she didn't want
to trap infection inside by sealing it shut.
Poor Cindy Sue doesn't like when we clean this one :(
You can also see how purple and swollen her tummy is.
The tummy is the area where we hope we don't loose any skin.

Yesterday, she didn't have much of an appetite, and didn't drink any water. I was able to get her to eat some chicken, but I had to hand feed her. She peed three times, but no poop. I can put her coat on her and she'll walk outside with me.

This morning, I made some rice and she ate more chicken and some of the rice...but only if I hand fed her. She still hasn't drank any water, and that's concerning. If she doesn't drink anything, I'll have to take her back in and they may have to do the IV fluids again. Also, she peed and pooped this morning!!! It probably had to hurt...poor lil' Princess~

Right now, she's laying by the woodstove with the cone on her head...yes, she wants to lick...that's a no-no. She won't walk with the cone on...she just lays there in disgust! So, I better go spend some time with her and work at getting her to drink.

Again...I can't thank you all enough for your support.

Cindy Sue sends lots of love 'n kisses~


Annette said...

What about using a small syringe to feed her some water? Just a thought... poor little thing.

Cheyenne said...

Thats one very luck dog!.....I have seen dog on dog attacks, while as a serving Police Officer, I had to attended several rather nasty attacks. The injuries are really savage, as no quarter is given. I am really pleased she is going to be OK!

mj said...

Karen, have you tried feeding her ice chips? It might be worth a try.
What a tough little dog she is, and in good loving hands. She definitely has a will to stay with her people ...she's one lucky dog. My thoughts are with all of you. Hope she's riding shot-gun again real soon!

GunDiva said...

Poor baby. I'm so glad she had her coat on, I can't imagine what would have happened without it. Give her a gentle hug for me.

achieve1dream said...

Poor girl. :( I'm glad she's going to be okay.

Rain said...

I am so relieved to see that she's going to make it. Poor little thing but with all the love you give her, she'll be herself in no time. Coyotes are vicious killers and they sure did give it their best shot with her :( Just glad you were there to give that primal mama yell. I've done that twice to save sheep but you have to be there fast or it's too late as they kill fast. Glad this is one they didn't get!

ACountryCowgirl said...

Poor baby:( Good thing she has such a great mom!!! Many prayers going out!!!

Christy said...

So glad to hear that she's doing well and very thankful that she had her coat on. It doesn't look like she had any injuries at all where it was protecting her. Sending heartfelt prayers and good wishes her way for a speedy recovery!

stumbelina said...

All things considered she's doing really good. She's still in our prayers that infection doesn't set in. She's a strong Rattie and will be up and running the pasture with you in no time. Keeko says she's still the purtiest Rattie Grrrl around. Sweet gentle hugs and snuggles to her.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Oh my poor lil thing! Those little terriers big dogs in a small body - I am so happy that she looks as good as she does - on the mend. We have coyotes here but never see them only hear them at night.... Keep on the mend...

ellie k said...

Maybe she would eat a little warm chicken broth, at least it is fluid in her.
I feel so sorry for the poor little thing, she looks so sad.

Country Whispers said...

So glad to hear she is back at home. Those wounds sure look nasty but hopefully she will mend quickly now that she's home with her momma.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that looks worse than I thought it would. She's lucky you got there in time. Those pictures really made me cry.

Her little bed looks very comfy, hopes she gets some rest and heals soon. Then, it's time for an all-out coyote war.

Mrs Mom said...

Girl, THAT is one Tough Little Dog. My hat is off to Cindy Sue!! The Locust Brothers looked at her pics with me, and I explained what happened. Cub, my six year old, said, "Mom be sure to tell Ms Gttyup to carry her gun with her and shoot those b@st@rd coyotes for beating up her little dog!"

Out of the mouths of babes.

Knee mail continues for that amazing girl!

Sarah said...

these pictures made me so sad! But I am so glad that she is healing and I hope she is back to her old ways again soon! thank you for keeping us updated. My girls stay close, but at night I am always worried. I can't see beyond the circle of the porch light. Ella and Paris both like to stray just outside the light to do their business and I'm always afraid of why might be out there, specifically thinking of coyotes. I cluck like a mother hen fussing at them to get back in the light, and now I'll be fussing all the louder. They need to look at Cindi Sue's pictures. Maybe they'll listen better if they see what might happen to them. Bless her little heart. What a traumatic experience...for all of you!!

DarcC said...

Wow, she's one helluva lucky dog. You lived (are living) my worst nightmare as an owner of small dogs.

I have a dog that cannot function with a cone, I went to the pet store and got an inflatable collar, it worked fantastic. They seem to cope with those better than the cones, perhaps you could order on from Petco, Petsmart, Petedge or similar.

Shirley said...

Like Cub said.
That first picture sure tugged at my heart strings, poor pathetic little thing!
I hope she heals up with no complications.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Man alive, CS is one l.u.c.k.y. little dog.

Glad to hear she is home with you.

Maia said...

Poor little girl, that has to hurt. But surrounded by all your love, I'm sure she'll be on the mend soon.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Poor Baby, that just makes me sick.
Glad shes home, we'll pray for a speedy recovery.

Mikey said...

Oh my gosh, poor Cindy Sue!!! She really got it bad. She is so lucky to be alive!!! SO glad she's going to make it.

Paint Girl said...

Poor Cindy Sue! She looks like she is in so much pain. I am glad she is now home with you.
When my cat was attacked by a dog, he was at the emergency vet for 3 1/2 weeks. His skin did die over 20% of his body and had to have the dead skin removed and then skin stretching surgery. He almost died a couple times. But thankfully he made it through. It is so difficult to see our beloved pets go through something like this.
Will be thinking of you guys!

KarenTX said...

That poor baby! Hope all those nasty holes start healing up soon. They really did a job on her. Thank goodness for her coat. Tootsie & Lovey send healing thoughts.

Rhonda said...

I'm just now catching up with your blog after a few busy days, I'm so sorry to see what happened to Cindy Sue! Wow, that looks like she went through the wringer. I hope she will heal up soon, and that you can get her to drink, too. Thinking of y'all.

gowestferalwoman said...

:( sending healing wishes your way !

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! It's heartbreaking to see all of her wounds. They must be so painful for her. Those vicious coyotes did a realnumber on her. But it could have ended so much differently, especially if they had bitten deeper in her neck, and through her jugular. She's very lucky and obviously a little fighter. She's so brave!
I hope she can feel all of our love and support that we're sending her.

I hope she continues to heal and starts drinking some water soon. Can you open a can of tuna fish and mix the tuna broth into her water?
That worked for us when we had problems getting our very old dog to drink water. She was eager to drink the tuna/water mixture.

Hugs for all of you!

cdncowgirl said...

OMG!! Your blog is on my list of "to catch up on" blogs so I missed hearing about the attack earlier. Little CS will surely by in my prayers, so glad she's pulling through.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

And I forgot to ask you about the beautiful brown eggs at the vet's office(photo third from bottom). Do folks barter fresh eggs for services?
Seeing those eggs gave me a smile. That's a sure sign of country/farm style vet office :)


jane augenstein said...

So glad that Cindy Sue is home with you all, home is a good place to be when you are sick! Sending healing energy to little Rattie girl to get better soon. I know those bites must hurt terribly. When our dog Petey got bit by the copperhead he won't drink either. I used a large syringe to give him water. Since he got bit on the nose and lip it probably hurt to drink but finally he did on his own.
Being a caregiver is hard work, you and your man take care of yourselves too.
hugs, love and prayers to you all,

Celeste said...

Poor little soul! I know all your love and tender care will help her pull through, she couldn't be in better hands.
Just think when she is all healed up what a true 'bad ass' she will be with the scars to prove it!
Best wishes to you and to dear Cindy Sue and all good wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

Dreaming said...

I heard coyotes howling last night and immediately thought of you and Cindy Sue. Her wounds look terrible - poor thing. She is one lucky dog!
We have larger dogs and the cones were a nuisance. They were constantly running into us, the walls, furniture, etc. I knew it couldn't be comfortable for them, either. Our vet tech suggested a T shirt. I wonder if an infant shirt would work for Cindy Sue? Maybe even a large onsie - since she doesn't have a tail, you wouldn't even have to cut a hole!!

Crystal said...

So glad you got her home, although she looks pretty sad, they sure did a number on her. Hope she heals up quickly for you.

Ann said...

Am I watching an SPCA show?
Poor dog. I see the tube. I had one like that when I had an operation.

Christine Havens said...

I am so glad she is doing better. Our thoughts and prayers will be with her! :)

GreyDrakkon said...

So sorry to hear your little dog is hurting so badly. :( I'm sure she's much happier being at home with you caring for her though! I hope she feels better as quickly as possible.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello from Kansas, I just found your blog through Friday Fences (my first visit there too) and I came across this post as I was snooping around your blog. My gosh your little Cindy Sue is one lucky little dog! That scares the bejeebers out of me as we live on a little farm and have a pack of coyotes that follows the creek just to the north of us. We have two Shih Tzu's that run around at will on the farm with their buddy Shep our Akbash. After seeing these photo's I realize how determined coyotes can be when they REALLY set their minds to killing something! Imagine them not even taking off when you were screaming and running towards them along with your other dogs...that's frightening. I'm so glad all went well for her. Hopefully I haven't missed any posts where there were problems with her healing. I'll be back to read more another time. Hope your weekend is a good one.
Maura :)

gtyyup said...

Hi Maura! Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Looking at these photos again gives me the scares all over again. Yes, those coyotes were in KILL mode and were very intent on figuring out to get at her underneath her coat...they had mentally blocked out everything else around them.

Cindy Sue is very healthy I happy to report! She didn't learn a thing about running off by herself though...I have to keep a VERY close eye on her...her terrier nose always leads her astray :(

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