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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not Another Hay Post?!?

~Good friends are very important because they're the ones that tell you the truth.~
~June Harber 1910~

But hay is all we've been doing for days!!! I'm definitely ready to move on to something else...like riding my horses!!! Yeah!

Timing was really good though...My Man has Saturdays and Sundays off, which gave us the time we needed to get the bales off the field and start the irrigation water again.

Lined Up~Waiting for a Ride
This is the west field and it all got baled in the 3x3 mid-sized bales. Stacked in twos ready for loading onto the semi truck.

Hauled Off the Field
I drove the semi-truck.

Cowboy Snoopervises
My Man ran the back hoe with forks on it. Cowboy has his favorite spot where he can snoopervise.

Filling Up the Stackyard
Filling up the stackyard.

Cindy Sue Rides Shotgun
Cindy Sue has to ride shotgun with me in the semi. Look at her "up" ear. She must have moved it!

Gotta Love the Bale Wagon
The 2-string bales get picked up in the bale wagon.
When I was a kid...many, many years ago, my dad was one of the first farmers in our county to buy one of these bale wagons. I remember how much fun we had when he drove it to town and entered it into the annual 4th of July Parade in Hillsboro Oregon! Us kids got to throw wooden nickles to the crowd along the streets...what fun!

Cleaning Up the Broken Bales
My Man helped clean up a few broken bales with the big baler.
He was like a kid with a toy...he had fun.

OK...I'm going to ride some horses!!


Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Hey, I'm loving the hay posts - farming is a bit "different" out there.

Shirley said...

Looks like you had perfect weather for haying this year. We feed 4X4X8' bales, I squeeze one into a round bale feeder for the mares, and fork-feed Beamer from another bale.
Everyone who makes small square bales here uses those bale wagons, they are the greatest.
I need to find time to ride Chickory again now that I'm feeling better, and I get a lesson on Beamer tomorrow from a dressage teacher. Should be interesting!
Hope you get some more Gus photos for us this week, he's a nice colt.

Rhonda said...

I've enjoyed reading about the haying. Fun, too, about your dogs riding along. Enjoy your horse-riding! :)

CCC said...

Nickels to throw away, those rich farmers! : )

5 Starr's Farm said...

I can just smell it!
We get hay for the two retired 4 legged kids for winter. They have irrigated pasture all summer. But!... I do have a full wood shed to brag about.

Linda said...

Lookin' good......very good! I'm glad to see you getting it put up in such great shape!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hay, I can almost smell it. :)

Sarah said...

there is no such thing as too much haying...unless your the one doing it I guess.
Love these photos, and enjoyed hearing more about haying! Again, I just wish blogger would add a "scent" application so we could smell the hay fields while we're reading.

jayayceeblog said...

My gosh, that looks like work! And I feel put upon when I have to chase a few dust bunnies. =) Beautiful pictures!

gowestferalwoman said...

Please do not get rid of your hay shots & posts ~ someone needs to be having a good year!

This year has been a crapshoot when it comes to cutting in NW WI with all the moisture we got, but hopefully when we move (end of month!!!Yay!) to SE MT, the hay there should be cut, dry, and ready to go...

SO I looove hay success stories! And its fun to see all your equipment, including the buddies (dogs!) :)

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