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Monday, August 30, 2010

Gatherin' Time

We spent the day gatherin' then sortin' then trailin' cow/calf pairs for our neighbors on Sunday. I can't rope worth a darn (yet), so this is a lot of fun for me. My Man got to help too since it was on the weekend...he probably had way more fun than I did 'cause he actually got to work his horse...I just took photos!

Oasis in the Desert
This is the Davies Ranch on the backside of our hill. It reminds me of the saying "Oasis in the Desert."

My Man on Whiskey and myself on Colt took out at our back gate at 7:45 AM onto the BLM. My Man went east and I went west (of course the trusty "wannabe" cow dog Bella Jo followed me along). Our job was to gather up everything from the north end of the allotment and push them south. All the other riders came in from the SE and SW and pushed those cows north and we all met in the middle to sort out the Temple's herd from the Opie's herd. Then we helped Temples drive their cows back to the home place.

Gatherin' Pairs
Bella Jo actually started to think about herding cows! She was watching Ty's dogs and made a couple of moves herself...maybe there's hope yet for her!

I took a BUNCH of photos and decided to do a video...hope you enjoy it~

It's only Monday...have a great week!!


mj said...

Nice music, nice video, just plain nice all-round! Thanks for bringing it to those of us that wish we could be there too.

Jeni said...

wow that looks like fun !!!! Old West sorta day!

I echo mj, thank you for bringing to those of us who only dream and imagine doing that.


Rain said...

I don't generally do videos because they use up too much of my usage but that one was worth it. You did a beautiful job putting together the music and the song. A real tribute to that country and cowboy work.

Maia said...

When you get in this bright contrasty light situation, stop it down in program mode and then work the curves. Your eye is perfect, These shots are not.

Reddunappy said...

Beautiful pics Karin!!!!
I enjoyed them!

Janice said...

Very nice but then your posts always are.You are right about the Oasis that is exactly what it looks like.

CCC said...

Work is a good thing, especially cow work.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Fantastic! Just beautiful.

I love your playlist by the way. Especially the acoustic guitar piece that for some reason I can't find tonight.

Sarah said...

big job but lots of fun! It never feels like work because there are friends to visit with while your busy. Maybe it will feel more like work after I've done it more. Love that picture of the ranch in teh valley. It reminds me of the one I got today of the wheat farm in Idaho.

Ed said...

Too cool, looks like fun. Is this also considered a roundup?

Linda said...

I'd almost be jealous if this wasn't coming up soon for us too.

Betherann said...

So, um, do you (or rancher friends) have any job openings? And I'm only partly joking . . . I'd love to do this. :)

gowestferalwoman said...

Great video with pics; love the song too!

But I just realized by looking at your photos - sage is high and Ive got a horse with a tail that touches the ground.

shoot. looks like Im going to have to bang some tail on him**. Otherwise Ill be dragging sage brush all over SE Montana..

**why does horse talk always read/sound so dirty? Gosh I gotta be more careful in public!!! "horses, people. Im talking about horsess"

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