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Friday, March 13, 2015

Discovering the Nifty Fifty! (50mm lens)

And another Random 5 Friday!

I'm doing a couple of weekly photo challenges on Facebook. This week, one of those challenges was to use the 50mm lens...shoot whatever you want, but use the 50mm lens or something as close as you could get to 50mm.

Well, when I bought this "used-new to me" Canon DSLR, it came with four lenses...including a 50mm which I've never used! I LOVE IT!!

Say "cheese!"

It's light weight and takes consistently good quality photos with little to no post-processing.

"Awwww Rastus...I luv you!" says Mindy Mae

I like that the lens shoots more closely what your eye sees (distance wise)...there's no zoom, it's a fixed have to do it the ol' fashioned way...move your feet!

"Is it dinner yet?"

I can't explain this part, but I was able to get this shot out the back barn door...I'm standing in the dark barn and the bright sundown light is shining onto Colt. Usually the gate boards are black or he's all over exposed. Shrugging my shoulders on this one!

Love the fine detail...this is processing.

And, action shots were really impressive!! I set the camera in Action mode and I got more consistent shots than with the zoom!

The Boys...and just outside of the frame
 is Mindy Mae trying to get in the middle of the play!

Summary...I'm going to use this lens a LOT in the future!!

My Random 5...

1. To clarify my statement from last week about being concerned with My Man's's mainly the health insurance that's bothering me!! And My Man sure won't be lettin' any grass grow under his feet after retirement...he just won't be working for the lumber yard anymore!

2. I got my hair cut yesterday...My Man didn't say boo about it...he sort of ticked me off...guess it's a bad cut.

3. Pierce needs lots of ground work before I get on him again...he's got issues with someone being on him...he's not happy or relaxed like he should be.

4. It's home made Egg Foo Young and a movie tonight...all at home!

5. Italian at our friend's house tomorrow...I'm making bread sticks and dessert...yum, can't wait!

Have an awesome weekend!!!


Val Ewing said...

I keep my nifty 50 on my Nikon all of the love it!

Of course in the old days I had a fixed lens film camera and learned on that.

Retire?? Well, what can I say? I keep thinking about it myself but I am part time, but we have the insurance nailed down.

So Pierce ... oh Pierce!
My mare from yrs ago was like that each spring. She was boing-y on the first few rides of the year.

Have a great weekend!

Ida said...

Awesome shots with the lens. Loved the details you captured.
Good to know you aren't worried about hubby being home and bugging you. I agree Health Insurance can be a pain to deal with.
I hate it when they (ie hubby) don't notice a new hair cute.
3. Sounds like a good meal plan for the next couple of days. Enjoy your time with your friends.

Barb said...

Your 50mm shots are awesome! I recently bought a micro 4/3 dslr (I wanted a lighter camera) and one of the lenses I have for it is a 60mm. I had to get accustomed to moving for the shot - something I don't often do with my zoom. Sounds like you'll be having some tasty meals this weekend.

Snap said...

Great shots with your 50mm. Cute dogs and beautiful horse. Health insurance is a worry for us all. I'm sure both of you will enjoy his retirement.

Michelle said...

I have a 50mm lens but don't feel like I use it enough. Dinner and movie nights at home are the best!

Monkeywrangler said...

Love the snarly-fest pic of your dogs! You're a way better photographer than I am.

Just stopping by from ARJ and Random 5 Friday.

Shirley said...

I need a new lens or two for my camera- I'll have to check out a 50mm. You took some great shots!
Husbands who don't notice new haircuts should get burned supper. "What, it's burned? Oh, I didn't notice!"

Janet said...

This post has just confirmed my need for a nifty 50!!
I really enjoyed peeking at all your Fabulous photos throughout your blog!!

A Quiet Corner said...

When I bought my SX50 Canon instead of an SLR, I fell in love!...:)JP

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