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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Meltdown

With 42 degrees and sunshine yesterday, the snow is melting away. It was a gorgeous day for a quick walk with the pups, so we went down to the old building of Princeton which is on our property at the end of the driveway.

I posted a couple of photos in my Photo a Day blog for day #8 of Old Princeton. Slowly the building seems to be blowing away...literally. I find shingles in the alfalfa field quite often, and the insides are falling in and the insulation of newspapers and magazines on the walls are becoming very sparse.

Cindy Sue of course...bundled in sweater and her infamous red coat.

This door to Old Princeton made a nice frame for the photos. Red Dog was too busy sniffin' for varmints to capture him!

Rastus with his "look." His eyes are my favorite.

After wasting time in the sunshine...even though it felt Oh So Good...I decided that I better go check the main barn. Dang, it was not good.

The usual flood behind the barn...which flowed into the barn at the front and the back...sigh.

So, I spent the next hour and a half, digging (chipping ice) ditches for water to drain, shoveling some of the remaining snow away from the barn in the runs and scooping water out of the aisle and one of the stalls with a large flat shovel.

Every year, My Man and I say we're going to fix the problem, but finances are always needed somewhere the project gets put lower on the priority list...and we get to do this every year when we have a large amount of snow. Fun! Not.

It's already drying up inside the barn, so it'll be back to normal soon. Nothing is ever damaged; it's just a pain.

And life goes on...with a beautiful sunset...

Shadows at Sunset
Shadows from the hill behind our place cast its outline on Hat Butte.

Pocket of Sunset
A Pocket of Sunset

More snow is forecast for today and tonight...but not enough to amount to much.

Happy Hump Day!


Linda said...

The dogs are always a treat to see! I understand the water issue - we had a similar issue with our back garage. Water in it every time it rained hard. Finally, this year, I prevailed and had my son dig a trench through the driveway and put in a drain. It has worked beautifully - no more moving out 100 gals of water every time we had a rain! As you said, no damage, but a major pain! Such is life...Rastus is gorgeous, and that sunset! Wow...just beautiful!

A Quiet Corner said...

That's one thing I do not miss since leaving VA...the digging and shoveling when the creeks were out of control!....:)JP

lisa said...

Great pictures. We say the same when it comes to getting a well dug for just the livestock but by the time taxes come around and we get extra money we usually end up putting it someplace else. Last year was a hay barn.

Mary said...

I love Cindy Sue's coat, it's got history! Shoveling and tunneling that watery mess sounds like a huge chore. One I would not look forward to at all. Here on the west side of the mountain it got up to 56, it was weird, my roses are starting to bud, I think it's a bit early for that. Might get a flurry or two here also. Lovely photos!

Mary said...

Just got back from "photo a day" blog. I tried to find historical info on Old Princeton and didn't find much more than a blurb on Wiki. Do you have any more info about it? I'm just curious.

Mary Ann said...

I want to hear about "Old Princeton" too! And the photo of Rastus was lovely.

The farmyard would dismay me, too.

gtyyup said...'s what I know about Old Princeton. Thank you all for asking!

At this point, we only know what we have heard other people tell us, so it may not be accurate. I did a post:
about Old Princeton when I first started blogging that you can read and see some photos. It’s been our intention to go to the County office and research the prior owners of our property and then go to the County Museum and the Western Reading Room at our library to find more accurate history…but we’ve never done it…yet!

Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...

Ugg. I have the "water at the barn" thing too. Every single building on the place is below the beginning of the run off.

Nancy Claeys said...

Seems flooded areas become a problem for all us rurals this time of year. Mine is our bird coop area. Becomes a sea of mud and muck. Ugh.

Shirley said...

Sunday Stills is old barns, sounds perfect for some Old Princeton shots. Love that shot of Rastus, such a photogenic dog. Lovely sunset too! We've been getting rain and warm temps here, so the melt is on, just hope all the snow that slid off the roof of the shop doesn't melt into the horse shelter!

Candy C. said...

Love the pics of your dogs and the sunset shots are beautiful!
We always get flooding down by the barn with our rain, which we are supposed to get more of tonight. It always makes for a mess.

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