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Friday, January 18, 2013

On the Run 5 minutes before I need to get out the door for a day at the Post Office. Just checkin' in to let you know I'm still here...really!

Crystal Lights

Wednesday we had quite a bit of moisture in the mornin" (another 0*F mornin'), but the elm trees looked like they had clear Christmas lights strung through them. This photo picked up a few of them, and you need to look close. They're the spots that almost look like sun reflections off of a dirty lens. 'n runnin'!

Have a super Friday!


A Quiet Corner said...

Brrr...chilly was in the mid twenties today...40"s over the weekend...then drop to the 20"s next week and more SNOW...loving it!!!!...:)JP

Crystal said...

I feel like I been running all week, so I understand! Very pretty, I love when snow shimmers like that.

Val said...

It is mudville here between the ice patches. Supposed to drop like a rock and be -2 soon.

Everything is set up to make choring easier in the dangerous cold.

Don't you just love the crystals on the trees???

Candy C. said...

The icy crystals are beautiful! You guys stay warm!!

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