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Monday, January 7, 2013

Facebook and Me

It's not healthy.

Now, I'm not saying that it's unhealthy for everyone.

I've decided that it's not healthy for me.

The issues have been in the back of my mind for a long time, and with the New Year, I've decided to do something about it.

What bothers me most is scrolling through tons of crap to find something interesting! It's like having 350 TV channels and nothing good to watch (one of the reasons we don't have TV)! The 2012 election TOTALLY took me over the edge. Secondly, I don't like how FB manipulates what you see...they think they know me...I call Bull Sh!t.

My true prompt was a blog post that was "Freshly Pressed" in WordPress a few days ago (similar to Blogs of Note by Blogger, which took me a long time to find today since they don't seem to have the link in my Reader anymore)...

Good Riddance, Facebook by Gary Mondejar

Gary's post lends to a humorous yet serious take on how Facebook affected him. I could relate to quite a few of his statements...time-sucking was high on the list as well as constantly thinking of "have to share on Facebook" syndrome! Luckily I have not had to experience high quality photos of a baby's first poop (you'll have to read his post to understand that one) ;~)

Scrolling through the comments (332 so far; and 899 likes), most people agreed with Gary's "good riddance" stance. But another comment was saying how can the writer blame Facebook...has he no "self control?" That's a pretty good point. We command our own destiny!


Do I not have self control?

Well, looking at my experience with Facebook, no, I don't.

So, I'm gonna fix it.

Late last year, I deleted my Google+ account and my Twitter account...which was a freeing feeling, but I didn't use those social media it didn't free up any time. It just felt good to get them out of the way though.

So, what to do with Facebook? For me, limitations.

I see lots of good that can be accomplished with FB...organizing the cow dog clinics, learning more photography tips, learn more gardening tips, keeping in touch with family and sharing photos, etc...

Using the Friends Grouping option, I'm organizing my group lists by horse people, dog people, high school, bloggers, etc. If I don't know may be the delete button. Why should I be friends with people I don't know? It doesn't make sense to me, and it's just not my thing.

I'm going to take my life back.

I enjoy my blogging friends, my Dogster friends (and pups) and real life friends.

You know how to reach me ;~)


Tomorrow we will be back with our regularly scheduled programing:

Life at the Rough String!


SquirrelGurl said...

Good for you!

FB is good for a lot of things but one thing it's real good at is starting DRAMA. At least from what I've seen in my family/friends circle.

It's like they're compelled to air any and all grievances for the world to see. Then act all innocent when it blows up and feelings get hurt.

I've taken a stronger stance- too much drama/oversharing? DELETE.

If deleting would cause drama (some people are family members) then I block them from my Newsfeed.

Don't talk to me? DELETE.

Friend of a friend of a friend who wants to friend me? NO THANKS.

Best of luck with your newly FB-free life!

Crystal said...

Oh I wish I could, but I am totally addicted to a game on there! I know I should quit it too but I really like it, but besides that am hardly ever on there, have joined a photo a day group but really not as active in there as I could be and pretty much just read other post but dont post much of my own anymore, so I guess if I play games its OK for me (and in winter not much else to do in the evenings with nothin on TV here either)

Cindy D. said...

I was totally wrapped up in Vamp Wars for a while, but it got old pretty quick. But through that stupid game I ended up with over a thousand friends, many of whom I have never even had a conversation with. I have considered deleting my account and starting a new one, but then I have pictures on there that I don't have any place else. So now I am in a quandry. Do I take the time to sit and save each pic to my computer and then write down all the friends I want to keep and start over? Or do I take the time to manually delete all those people I don't know? I finally decided that since time is something I don't have much of, and I don't spend that much time on there anyway, I just leave it for now. I comprimise by deleting at least one person each time. Usually someone that I get sick of listening to. Like the guy with endless political rants that he generally steals from others, or the girl I have known since she was 17 (she is in her 30's now)who constantly complains about how people have wronged her and how she is going to go kick their butts. (still acting 17)

On the other hand, I love facebook. This morning I started my day with a video of my 6 year old grand daughter doing a Karoke song that was just wonderful. So for things like that I am truly grateful.

I have found that if I am scrolling through the feed and getting very little reaction out of myself other than "ugh" I turn it off and go find something to do. I admit to having been an over sharer at times. I probably share too much about my horses on there. I'm sure many of my "friends" could care less, but on the other hand, the friends that count....they care! :)

Linda said...

Everything in moderation. I blocked a bunch of people from my newsfeed and that helped. I like FB because I find it fast and easy to keep up with everybody and often see it on there before anywhere else. I was finding blogging to be more of a time I changed some things. I think we all know what we need to do and looks to me like you're doing the right thing for yourself. I'm glad your still blogging and I do have your email addy if I get worried about you ;)

cheyenne jones said...

FB? I`m not on it, dont trust it, dont like it, and having seen what is written n there, I`m pleased I never went there!

Val said...

I keep track of friends and also use my art page but not much else. I turned all notifications OFF and so some days I forget it is there!

I tried Google+ and just don't get it.

I'd rather read and write blogs.
And be out with the dogs and the equine!

Shirley said...

Good for you! I need to clean up my friends list too, and like you I find it useful for such things as horse clinics and family, but there sure is a lot of fluff. I turned off notifications on some family members who I want to keep but don't want to read and I find that most of the people I really want to keep in touch with are also my blogger friends. Like you!

Paint Girl said...

Facebook is definitely a time sucker. But I only get on it a couple times a day. What really annoys me is the game requests people send out, and they come at the middle of the night. (I keep my phone on all night, for emergency purposes) but someone recently told me how to stop those requests from coming through. I don't do fb games. I just like to keep in touch with my family and friends. I hate all the sharing of this photo and that photo (not friends personal pics but the ones that get shared 300,000 times). I only share something maybe once a month. That stuff definitely clogs up the newsfeed. I do status updates almost every day, but it is a good way for my family to know what is going on. Not all of them follow my blog. And most status updates are about my horses, dogs, cats and my other half. So people probably get pretty bored with all my cat stories!! My life just isn't that interesting right now. Oh well.
I know some people are so addicted to fb. I only get on it from my phone. Every once in awhile I will log in from the desktop, but try to stay off it.
So it can be fun and annoying all at the same time!!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Good for you! And had to laugh about your use of the term "real" friends. Guess it's a sign of the times when we spend so much time with our "virtual" friends!

lilyrose said...

I don't do facebook-never have. I much prefer reading blogs. They are way more interesting as far as I can tell. I really enjoy reading yours...and I especially enjoy your photos!

Mary said...

For some reason Facebook creeps me out a bit. I rarely ever put anything on there, I'm just not that interesting I guess. I will hop on every once in a while to see what's going on with a very few friends, but that's about it. I really prefer to read the blogs, it suits me. Speaking of which...I finally wrote one today! It's been a while, felt pretty good to get some words out finally. It's not much, but it's a start, hopefully.

Linda said...

Interesting reading this today - I have lately been "unfriending" people who annoy me with their constant whining, and blocking all but important updates from others who repost everything they see on FB or anywhere! Pages and pages of that just make me crazy! Love blogging and hope to get back to it on a regular basis soon. I have been pretty down and out for the last few months - guess it is normal for the spouse of a heart attack survivor to experience depression. I am hoping I am on the upward swing now though! Nice to read you today!

Anonymous said...

Kudos for you Karen... I'm even thinking about deleting my who FB account. I don't spend a lot of time on it anyway, and it is really just an annoyance for me. The only thing with FB is my blog links out there for followers. Twitter, don't spend a lot of time there either, but my blog links out there and G+. I simply don't have the time... they just get auto updates.

lisa said...

I get on to facebook to keep up with my friends and family and that is just about it. I don't play games anymore because it took up way too much of my precious time. I am starting to block people I am getting pissed off with and not friending people that I don't know and getting rid of ones that I friended before and didn't know. One thing nice about it, I get to really realize who are ones that I want to know and others that I wish I never did. A friend that I thought I knew and liked;I found out how much I really don't like!

Candy C. said...

Facebook reminds me of 30-second news clips, not enough substance. I like blogs because you can get more into a subject. The only thing I use Facebook for is sending birthday wishes and for my home-based bakery business updates.

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