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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rural Thursday ~ Spring Calves & Introducing Tumbleweed

I'm so jealous of all the spring flower photos everyone is posting...but we got newborn calves!!! Maybe you don't think like me, but I think calves just as sweet and cute!!!

Hi! I'm Tumbleweed!

We're all done calving for the year...our two cows have done us proud! Paddy, a lil' heifer out of Ellie Mae, was born last Friday, then Tuesday afternoon Annabelle delivered a heifer which My Man named Tumbleweed.

There's a story behind her name. We saw that Annabelle was close to calving, her water broke and it was quite obvious from the looks of her back end that delivery was soon. Camera in hand, we hung around for a while, but Annabelle just stood there and stared at us. Well, can ya blame her?!? We left her alone and went to feed the other horses at the big barn.

With all the evening chore done, we went back down to the cow paddock to check on Annabelle. She had found the spot she wanted to calve, which proved to be a precarious place to calve, and proceeded to deliver. Trying to keep out of her way but still get the moment on film, I got above her on the hillside (photos posted in yesterday's Wordless Wednesday).

The delivery went well, and Annabelle, being the good momma cow that she is, proceeds to lick and clean up her newborn. My Man, our friend from the TI Ranch and I are watching her from a ways away...and pretty soon, the lil' calf slides about 20 feet down the hill around a huge boulder through the sagebrush!

There was a narrow flat spot where Annabelle calved.
What a way to come into this world!

Between Annabelle licking the calf and the calf starting to move around, the calf got herself headin' into a downhill position...and gravity took over!

My Man to the rescue!

Everything probably would have been alright if we'd left the calf where she landed, but it was still a pretty steep spot, so My Man went in and picked her up and brought her down to level ground where it would be much easier for the calf to find its legs when the time came.

We left them to finish up...but My Man went down about an hour later just before dark...the calf, who has earned the name Tumbleweed, was up and nursing...the end of a great day!!

This was my first experience to see a calf being born. I've witnessed and assisted with dozens of horse births from working on a breeding ranch, but it was very exciting to see our own cow give birth!

So that's how Tumbleweed got her name!

The next mornin' our happy lil' herd is back into the normal routine...feedin' mornin' and night...ahhhh life is good!

Our herd.

Next year, Number Three (the yearling heifer in the middle) will give us a nice calf too. And what are we going to do with Paddy and Tumbleweed? My Man and I have decided to keep both of them as breeding stock for our herd...and that will be about as many head of cows as our grazing land can handle.

We're truly blessed~

I'll leave you with this cute lil' video...Paddy is very excited to have a new playmate!

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Ian said...

You are indeed fortunate! No flowers for us for at least another 1 1/2 months; no newborns; just 1 1/2 feet of snow still hanging on. Blaaaah!

Tanya said...

wow, what a birth story for tumbleweed and i love the name, so fitting! i really enjoyed that cute video....these babies are much better than spring flowers!

Anonymous said...

What a cute video! Those two babies are really sweet. I love Tumbleweed's story.

Barb said...

Great story and delightful video! What breed are Tumbleweed and Paddy and their momma's?
I think your man was lucky he didn't get a horn in the you-know-where rescuing Tumbleweed. Some momma's just don't understand when you're trying to help their babies, lol.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Fantastic story behind her name! I'm glad she was just fine after her tumble. She's a cutie!

EvenSong said...

I'm thinkin' daily baby-cow videos...

ellie k said...

I think this is much better then flowers, too cute.

Keepin' Up With The Jones said...

So Cute! I love new calves! Every single one of them!

Shirley said...

Love the name and the story behind it. They are just as welcome a sign of spring as flowers are!

Ed said...

AWWWWWWW Spring calves are just as cute if not cuter than spring flowers, after seeing how Annabele was born that may explain why I'm a bit off....I think the Dr. dropped me..HA HA! :-))

Linda said...

My 4 year old grandson just watched this video with me...he said the new baby was just too tired to play with Paddy! We both loved it!

Andee said...

What a fun post. I love how Tumbleweed was named I'm glad she didn't get hurt. My three year old son was on my lap watching the video and he exclaimed "Mom how is that cow talking!" I laughed so hard. Great post and I had a nice visit here on your blog.

Nancy Claeys said...

Oh, I'm so happy for you! Both calves look so happy and healthy. And Paddy looks like he is going to own the place someday! So cute! :)

Candy C. said...

How cool that ya'll ended up with two new little heifers to increase your herd! The video was great! Tell Paddy that Tumbleweed will be playing with her here in a day or two! :)

heyBJK said...

What a cute calf! It looks like he had a rough landing to start things off.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

How cute and you couldn't have picked a more fitting name for this little one! That was awful nice of your hubby to bring little Tumbleweed up to it's mom. LOVED the'll have lots of fun watching the two of them play. I look forward to more cute video's! Enjoy your day.

thecrazysheeplady said...

You are right - just too cute!!! :-D

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