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Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Mornin' Moos ~ It's Spring!

Beautiful sunshine greeted us today at feeding time...though it was about 18 degrees with a bit of a was sharp on the face!

No matter...we welcome the first day of Spring!

Mornin'!! Don't ya just wanna kiss my cute lil' nose?!?
Paddy was nice and warm. She hunkers down in the tall sagebrush. My Man says she runs and bucks like crazy; she's a real spit fire. I've yet to get to see it...I need to leave the pack of five dogs at the house...there's too much chaos when I get out to the cow paddock.

Hidin' in the sagebrush 'n soakin' up some sun
She's also ready for her ear tag...if I could find the tags and the punch. I put them somewhere so I'd find them when we needed them...yeah right...don't tell me you've never done that!!!

I spent yesterday sorting through and organizing the mud room (which tends to be the 'catch all' room)...nope, didn't find them there. So, I guess I'll try the tack room...silly me if I put them in there.

Below is Annabelle...she's next to calve.

Peek-A-Boo Cow
Who me?

She was hidin' in the sagebrush like they do when they're thinking of calving. But, I don't think she's quite ready yet. She's bagged up nicely, but she's not soft in the back end yet. Today I'm thinking she was just gettin' out of the wind.

Happy Spring Equinox everyone...and have a great week!


The Southern Peach-Girls said...

This post is awesome I'm Bella Hope's sister and I'm a ten year old girl and I have been reading your blog for quite some time, and I enjoy reading it! You live my dream!

-Kitty (This Farm Girl's Life, Kitty is my nickname)

Cheyenne said...

Great shots as usual!!.....Always good to hear from you!

Dreaming said...

I would love to kiss that sweet little calf! I'd love to let her suckle on my thumb! I love 'em!

Linda said...

Paddy is certainly cute! Yesterday, we were visiting an aunt in the country and hubby went out to see the cows in the field adjoining the house. He came in a short time later telling us he had gotten 3 cow kisses - he was thrilled! He is so easily amused...

Anonymous said...

I think Annabelle is quite photogenic - nice horns! Just a little shy about it. And Paddy sure is a shiny healthy calf.

Crystal said...

Paddy sure is looking good. Will be funn when Annabelle has her calf so they can play together.

Tanya said...

that paddy is too cute! i am ready for spring too and you aren't the only one who puts something somewhere so you can find it later, then can't find it...i'm pretty famous for that lol

Paint Girl said...

They are so cute!! Love baby calves.
Just last night I was trying to find the dog toe nail clippers, yeah, didn't go so well. Thought I knew where they were, looked there, weren't there then went back awhile later, and they were there! So frustrating! But at least I found them!

Candy C. said...

Great pictures of the girls in the sagebrush! What a sweetie Paddy is! :)

Vaquerogirl said...

I love new calves! Especially the white faced herfords- so clean and fresh for such a short time!
PS- when I can't find what I was looking for - I look in the freezer. Sometimes things turn up in there!

cdncowgirl said...

Oh yeah I hear ya, I put my eartags somewhere where 'they wouldn't get lost'. Think I can find them? Lol

Love Annabelle's horns :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Beautiful black velvet calf :-).

Ed said...

Awwwwww she is ADORABLE!!!

Nancy Claeys said...

Cute little one. Loving your calf photos. :)

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