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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Did Someone Say Chicken?

Our friends B & B came over to ride on Sunday and brought a few dogs. After the awesome ride, B was havin' a snack...chicken to be exact...and she shared a few bits with Red, Pepper and Quinn...they were VERY polite!

Chicken? We LOVE Chicken Treats!!!
Chicken? We LOVE Chicken!!!

Well, I got the root canal done with yesterday...the mouth is a bit sore, but all is well, and I'm glad it's over with!!

Have a wonderful week!!!


Shirley said...

Great shot! Bet you're real glad the root canal is done. I chickened out of getting 2 fillings done.

Cheyenne said...

Root canal? OMG! I panic when the dentist is mentioned!

Dreaming said...

Root canal? Oh, gee... my favorite dental procedure (not)! I'm sure you are glad that's over with!
The dogs are too cute! All sitting still!!

Crystal said...

Love the pic of them all in a row :) Glad the root canal is over with!

Linda said...

That photo is awesome! Glad you survived the root are braver than I am. If anyone mentions dentist, I typically run away, or cower, trembling!

Anonymous said...

To me to only good thing I can ever say about being about the dentist (been going to mine for 30 years and he's good) is 'been there done that!' Love your pup shot... too doggone cute!

Jake said...

I was sitting in the dentist chair yesterday also. Found out I need a root canal also.......yuck!

Ed said...

Yep, pups love chicken..:-)

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