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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bella Jo...The Fence Jumper

A lil' Sunday funny~

Bella Jo is quite the athlete...this is a 4 foot fence she's jumping over...with a sage rat in her mouth that she caught in the field...sigh...

I think she'd make an awesome agility dog!!! Yes, she's still up for adoption!


Shirley said...

At least she's getting the sage rats!
Have you let the nearest agility club know about her?

Candy C. said...

Just like the fence wasn't even there! Good dog Bella Jo, get them rats! :)

Dreaming said...

Hmmm...she might be worth a bunch of money to someone with a rodent problem!

Linda said...

Wow! Just like the fence wasn't even there...superdog!

Sarah said...

talented girl, your Bella Jo! If we were home and not on the road, I'd take her. But I don't think she'd be interested in this truckin life. Hope the right family comes along soon. In the mean time, nice of her thin the sage rat population for you!

Ed said...

Great jump and a better ratter.:-)

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