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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Amazing Journey Through Time

Yes, my work trip really felt like I traveled back in time...and I did follow part of the Journey Through Time Scenic Byway (the portion from John Day to Mayville, which is just north of Fossil).

I started out Friday morning bright and early...7:45 AM to be exact. It would be at least a 4 1/2 hour drive to Fossil Oregon where my first appointment would be. One of my part time jobs is working for the National Agriculture Statistics Service (NASS). In a nut shell: you know all of the reports you hear on the radio or read in the paper about USDA reports? Well, I'm one of those enumerators (data collectors) who goes out into the field and interviews farmers and ranchers gathering statistics so the USDA can predict what's happening in America's agriculture.  Not a glamorous job...but I get to see some awesome country...and meet people that really are the "salt of the earth."

Sheep Rock
Sheep Rock (I think)
Being on a tight schedule, I only took a few moments to stop and get a few shots. As I drove, there were literally hundreds of views, interesting sights, and historical landmarks that I wanted to stop and see...but I didn't get to...

All I could do was repeat to myself "I'm coming back here with My Man!!!!"

Painted Hills
Cathedral Rock (I think)

The stop at Julie A. Henderson Pioneer Park was a necessity...restroom stop!!! I was so glad I did. If you go to the link, you'll see that it gives a lot of interesting history about the John Day Fossil Beds...including a blurb about the Pioneer Park (3rd paragraph)...and historic photos...

Fresh, Tasty Spring Water
Fresh spring water at Julia A. Henderson Pioneer Park
from one of the numerous pipes...tasted Great!
There were at least a half dozen spring water pipes flowing with tasty, fresh water. In the center of the area was a stage...with the creek flowing directly underneath it and bridges over the creek on both sides. One side of the stage had benches like an amphitheater and the other side had picnic tables.

The historic amphitheater in the woods.
Walking through the park I could tell that it hadn't been used in quite a while, but not until I got home and did an internet search did I realize that the park was developed in 1903. My goodness...the history!! Can you just imagine the picnics, dances and festivities that took place here over the decades?

Then I had to get to work. I had two interviews to get done that afternoon, and the interviews average 2 1/2 hours each. Needless to say, it was a long day. After my appointments, I met with my friend Amy for dinner in Fossil (she's in my Mike Bridges Project class).

I finally made it to Wilson Ranches & Resort around 9:30 overnight destination...I was exhausted!  I was the only person at the B & B for the night...I had the whole 3 story house to myself!

The first thing I spied of interest was the claw foot tub in the bathroom next to my room, and it was calling my name!

End of the Day
End of the Day...a good long soak~
After calling My Man and letting him know that all was well and snooping peeking into all the other B & B rooms, I took a good long soak...ahhhhh~

Obviously it was dark when I had arrived...I was excited the next mornin' to see what the place looked like in the daylight...I wasn't disappointed! Cows and horses in the pastures, rolling hills, rim rock...and they've got green grass growin' up there!!!

Wilson Ranches & Retreat
Wilson Ranches & Retreat ~ a wonderful Bed & Breakfast
that I highly recommend.
Nancy Wilson came in and fixed an awesome ranch style breakfast for three; her husband Phil, herself and me including fresh eggs, ham, blueberry muffins, oatmeal...yummy!! I was going to need that breakfast...I had three interviews that day...and I wanted to drive back home too!

Between my first and second interviews I had time to take a side trip for a few miles on a small county road that followed this creek...which seems to house a lot of beavers!

Beaver Dam
Beaver Dam
Look closely and you'll see chicken wire fencing
around the tree trunks to keep those sharp
beaver teeth from falling them.

My second interview was located near Long Creek, so I got off of the scenic byway and headed to Monument. This road was just as pretty as the scenic byway though!!! The cutoff road started at Kimberly, which is known for its fruit orchards, and I saw pink blossomed trees...with no time to stop of course!!!

The photo below is the last one I took on my took me three passes to get it. The first time I passed it...I had the OMG I gotta stop thought in my head, but I really didn't have I kept going...then the rancher for that second interview wasn't ready for me, so I drove back to Monument to interview the other rancher...this time the clouds had moved in and the colors weren't there.

OK, second interview done at Monument...back to Long Creek...the third pass by this ol' homestead...and the sun was shining...

My fav shot of the trip~

Step Back in Time
At the Ol' Homestead ~ Stepping Back in Time

After My Man saw the photos from my trip...he has no qualms about getting away for a weekend!!! We're makin' plans!!

Oh, did I make it home Saturday? Yep, at 10 PM...I worked 25 hours in two days...but it was well worth it!!


Linda said...

I'da gone with you on that one!!

Candy C. said...

Wow, what a busy trip! You got some great photos though and that last one...breathtakingly beautiful!!

Linda said...

I was tired just reading what you had to accomplish! But, you did manage to get some great photographs...I love that last view!

A Quiet Corner said...

I know you must bust your tail working like that...but it does sound like a great job...especially meeting those great people!...:)JP

Maia said...

What a great story and great pictures.

Maia said...

What a great story and great pictures.

Shirley said...

Your job sure takes you into some amazing country. I love the colors in the Cathedral rock, and the sense of history in the last photo.
The B&B looks perfect too.

Crystal said...

Wow that sounds like an busy trip, but with all that beautiful scenery it makes it worthwhile! Sure have to make time to get down there someday.

Reddunappy said...

Wow great trip!!! You took some beautiful photos!!!

Rhonda said...

Loved the pictures, and that bed-and-breakfast sounded really neat. I love seeing rocks and earth layers, very cool photos.

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