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Friday, April 15, 2011

Sun and Snow = Spring!

~I hope it's a good season and I get out of debt.
If not, I'll have to count on some good luck.~
~Sherry Decker 1898~

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It snows...back to sunshine...Mother Nature is such a tease this year! It is unseasonable cold, but the good news is that our normal amount of precipitation is higher than usual.

Thankfully we are on high ground whereas the folks on the flood plain have already had issues with flooding and the mountain snows have barely started to could be ugly for them and I pray that we have a slow melt for their sakes.

All we can do it take one day at a time~

A Bit of Warming Sun
Tat the Barn Cat found a spot of sun on my Aldo Leopold bench.
He's probably wondering where spring is too!

Signs of Spring
Despite the snow and cold, spring pushes onward.

View from the Rim Rock
A look back at the ranch house from the rim rock.

Let's Play!
Colt and Gus are whoopin' it up in the cool, crisp mornin' air.

Today Colt and I will help move heifers and their calves into the corrals for branding at the 3J Ranch. Tomorrow My Man and I will help McCoy Creek move a herd across the desert to their spring range. It's a good day when I can be in the saddle!

Happy Friday!


Cheyenne said...

Its always a good day, when your in the saddle!
Even when the weather can be poor.

Sarah said...

for their sakes I too hope its a slow melt! It sounds like your staying busy spending lots of time in the saddle!

5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Gtyyup, Lets hope every one stays high and dry. Have fun tomorrow, moving cows is a great way to spend the day or going to the mountains like we are. LOL
Always love your posts and photos.

Rising Rainbow said...

We've had more than our norm for percipitation this year so a slow melt would probably be good here as well. An odd winter and now looking like an odd spring.

Moving cows sounds like a good way to spend your day. Looking forward to pics.

Marli and Memory said...

Bring on the Spring!!! ;)
Have a whopping good time! You make me wanna get out there on my horse with all those amazing pics!

Crystal said...

I agree with you any day is a good day that is spent in a saddle, should be fun moving cows.

Hope noone gets flooded out, our county called yesterday to warn us the creek might flood his year, neither my hubby or his dad ever remember that happening before.

lisa said...

It sure is nice to see the signs of spring! Love the view of the ranch house!

Shirley said...

It could be a rough year for lowlanders. Like us; but there is a really good dyke system to keep the Kootenay river in check. Nice pic of Colt and Gus.

cdncowgirl said...

We're having a similar spring, colder than normal and potential for flooding. Matter of fact one of the grid roads we take to get to the highway is closed, it collapsed due to too much water/high water in the ditches and fields beside it.
Our particular piece of land is faring pretty well, as is most of the land around us... its very sandy here. However the water table is high so the ground can only take so much.
There are areas within 20 minutes of us that are flooding though.

Ed said...

Great pics, summer will be there before ya know it..;-)

Anonymous said...

It seems like spring has been quite up and down for many people. We're back to near freezing temps again. Your pictures are great!


Rhonda said...

Enjoy your days of cattle moving! Enjoyed your pictures. I love pictures from horseback showing their ears. *I miss that view.*

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