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Friday, April 22, 2011

Number Three

~He told me I'm a real woman,
But I'm not sure what he meant.~
~Betty McClare 1901~

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Let me introduce you to Number Three, born March 25, 2011, out of Annabelle, sired by Goof (I'm sure Goof has a fancy registered name since he's purebred, but his owner just calls him Goof). Number Three is a permanent fixture now for our herd...she should make some awesome calves.

Number Three 1/2
"I'm pretty? Thank you very much!"

OK, Number Three isn't a very "country" name. I had asked for some suggestions for naming her and readers suggested Clarabelle, Isabelle and Grace. My Man and I  couldn't decide and we kept calling her Number Three, and it just sort of stuck.

But remember Seven of Nine? She was a character on Star Trek: Voyager. I always thought she was very pretty and elegant. They called her Seven. (yes, I have a lil' bit of Trekkie in me ;~)

So, we have Three of Three.

Number Three.

She's pretty (look at those eyes) and elegant, but she doesn't have any bio-implants!

Question...which of these two photos of Number Three do you like best...I can't make up my mind and want my reader's opinion. One of them will be entered into the county fair this help me decide!

Number Three 2/2
Three of three...Number Three

Life at the ranch...they seem to like it here!

The CowGirls & Calves
The CowGirls & calves takin' a sunbath after a good breakfast.

Enjoy your Friday. It's Good Friday and it's Earth Day...a great day for sure!


Mikey said...

I like three of three :) I used to name mine with numbers too, cause I simply run out of names.
Your place is SO beautiful. It really is the perfect place.

Paty Jager said...

I like the second pose of Three of Three.

Anonymous said...

Initially, I liked the second photo, but they both are awesome. Im going with my first reaction - number two for three of three. :)

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I like the second photo. She has such a pretty eye.

Jeni said...

Love the second picture of Three ! She is so beautiful =)

Cheyenne said...

Sorry Gtyyup, I do prefer Jeri!!

Barb said...

I think the second pic, too. It makes it more intimate when she's looking at the camera. It draws the viewer in.

Sarah said...

I'm voting for the second one too! And Number Three isn't a bad name! Kind of traditional. Maybe she'll be a traditional kind of girl.

Ed said...

Deffinatly the second pic such big eyes..:-))

Annette said...

Second picture for sure. Those eyes!!

Dreaming said...

At first I thought the 2nd picture was the best - because, as others have mentioned, her eye is so soft. But then I looked back at the first picture. It's almost like she's teasing the viewer. Three has a very coy look in that one!

Mary Ann said...

Photo number two... she has Maybelline eyes!

lisa said...

They are both really good, but I love they way her eye looks in the first one!

Shirley said...

You could always enter both photos- they are both good. You could play on the name a little; like Trio, or Tres.

AKPonyGirl said...

I have two sheep named for their numbers because I couldn't think of a name.

Val said...

Number two for sure, her eye is very fetching.

As for the name, it is perfect.
We had a cat named KR for the county road we lived on and...
a mule called 'Extra' because we didn't need another one.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful calf. I like her pose in the second picture, but I think the overall composition is better in the first.


thecrazysheeplady said...

1st one.

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