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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Clinic Time Again

~I'll ride anything with four legs and a tail.~
~Amy Stewart 1902~

That quote has pretty much always been my motto...jogging, bicycles, motorcycles...never been my thing. I've always said "If I can't do it with 4 legs under me, I don't wanna do it!"

Yep, the horse under all that mud from last Tuesday's post was Colt...he does clean up pretty good ;~)

My Show Pony~Colt
What mud? I hardly had any mud on me!
Besides, it gives character...shows the REAL horse!

I've been busy getting ready for Session III of my Mike Bridges Project 5 clinic.  For my new readers, "The Project is a 5 year study course, in which participants learn the process of Making a California Vaquero Style Bridle Horse." (quote taken from Mike Bridges website) The Project sessions are every spring and fall for 5 years. You can read more about Mike's clinics HERE.

This past winter and spring have not been very conducive to "productive" training, but it seems that everyone in the Project had the same problem.  I heard through the grapevine that Mike told Project 4 participants to just do the best that you can on the "homework", and that he understood the difficulties we'd been having.

Homework...we get a list of maneuvers that we practice at home and then come back to the next session and perform them, one rider at a time. There isn't a pass or'll know if you've got it or not. But if you want to have a good bridle horse in the end, you work as hard as you can.

My Show Pony~Colt
Is this my better side?

I'm leaving on Sunday and My Man'll be batchin' it for 7 days. He's totally self sufficient, and I don't have to worry about a thing when I'm gone. The fridge is stocked and hay is in the barn...that'll do!

My Show Pony~Colt
How 'bout this side?
It'll be Cindy Sue, Colt 'n me. I'll take my laptop, but there won't be any internet connection available.

Mane Hair Mecate, Horn & Sky
The clouds and light were so nice...just had to play around with the camera.

I'm finishing up the May issue of Horsefly, packing, riding...Saturday we go to a branding...daylight's burnin'...gotta go!


Crystal said...

I would really like to do something like that if it wasnt so far away. Sounds so interesting everytime I hear you write about it.

Anonymous said...

That is so exciting! I agree with Crystal, I would LOVE how to train in the vaquero style. Oregon isnt TOO far..Im in Western Wa. One can dream I suppose. :)

5 Starr's Farm said...

It's a pretty day here to, white clouds, sun shine and blue, blue sky.
Have fun on you adventure and looking forward to photos and stories when you get back. "HAPPY EASTER GTYYUP"

Mikey said...

Your whole setup there is gorgeous. Horse, saddle, etc. Just beautiful. I'd be proud to ride that :)
Keep us posted on the clinic. Can't wait to see the pics!!

Sarah said...

Hope you, Colt, and Cindy Sue have a great road trip! I love that picture of the saddle horn and rope in the sunshine! And tell Colt all his sides are good, even the back one.

IanH said...

Ok, I'll bite! What sort of bridle is he wearing? It appears to be bitless. And, is that a horse hair rope?

gtyyup said...

Crystal~I hope someday you'll get the opportunity. Definitely a learning experience!

paint_horse_milo~Western Washington is where a few of my Project members are from. Vashon Island and Ridgefield for instance! We have another guy coming up from California. We all just take the time, pay for the fuel and get 'er done! I believe Mike is starting another 5 year Project in the Central Oregon area next should inquire!

Thanks 5 Starr's Farm, Mikey & Sarah!

IanH~Colt is wearing a 5/8" hackamore. The hackamore is made up of the bosal (nose piece), the bosal hanger (holds the bosal on the head) and the mecate rein. And yes, this is a horse mane hair mecate. Colt will soon graduate down to a 1/2" bosal with a 1/2" mecate rein. Then, after the right amount of training, the horse is put into the two-rein (1/4" hackamore and a bridle bit) and the final step is straight up in the bridle. Take a look at this article and it tells a little bit about how the hackamore and bridle training work:
(The horse in the photo in the article is in the two-rein) I'm glad you is a learning curve!

jayayceeblog said...

Good luck and have fun! Your pictures have the most beautiful color and clarity. Love them all, but the detail and color on that rope is simply gorgeous against the blue sky and clouds. =D

Shirley said...

Colt, all sides are good! (Would love to see a rear view shot of him all decked out in saddle and hackamore...)
Have a wonderful time, take lots of photos and videos for us; I still remember the turn-around-jump pen video- and give Cindy Sue some lovin' from us!

Paint Girl said...

Colt does clean up good!
Have a great trip and can't wait to hear all about it!

paint_horse_milo said...

I think I will Gtyyup. I checked out the link you provided to his website and it sounds very interesting. While my horse is seven, I do want to have another two year old to start in a year o two. Mind sending me an e-mail for cost?

Val said...

There is nothing more relaxing and fun than teaching an equine and learning with them each step of the way.

So much satisfaction!

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