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Friday, January 14, 2011

Second Time 'round

~If you don't like what a feller says,
than pay no attention to it.~
~Suti Barns 1920~

Now that Suti Barns is my kinda gal...I bet she was a pistol in her day!

You've heard the saying "If first you don't succeed try, try again." Well, that's what we're gonna do.

It's been a couple of months...and time has just gotten away from me, but remember the 2 year blogiversary giveaway?!?  Well, the rule (and I like to stick by rules to make it fair) was for the winner to contact me via my email to claim the $25 gift certificate at Heart of a Cowgirl. The winner never claimed her it's only fair that I draw again!

Nothin' fancy this time...I just went over to and plugged in the total number (56) and it spit out a new winner...

...and the winner is KatyM! Congratulations!!

Stickin' by the rules, Katy needs to send me an email at gtyyup at wildblue dot net. If the certificate isn't claimed in 30 days...we'll draw again!!


What else do I about some goofy night photography of Colt 'n Gus playin' in the snow! These were both taken back in November, and it was just getting dark while I was feeding the herd.

Gus is turnin' on the gas! (check out the moon above Hat Butte in the background)
I was just dinking with the settings on my camera to see what I could get. The above photo of Gus was with a flash of course.

The below photo of Colt...well I don't know what happened camera-wise...but I do know that Colt was NOT inside the round pen! I guess I would call the photo a 'blooper' but you know, someone would probably intentionally try for a shot like this...who knows!

~Colt the Phantom Horse~

Happy Friday everyone!


Shirley said...

Wow, what a great shot of Colt! Betcha couldn't do that again!

5 Starr's Farm said...

Both good shots, really like the one of Colt. My best shot are always the ones where I haven't got a clue about how I got them.

Crystal said...

Those are some pretty cool shots, i often get the good ones when I dont plan it either, and when I want a good one, I get a so so one.

gowestferalwoman said...

Colts shot is reallly neat - like the cover for a novel!

Cheyenne said...

Great shots!!!

Rhonda said...

Neat photos, and I like seeing the moon in that one. Cool!

C-ingspots said...

Ooh, I like that Colt shot too! You're right - a phantom horse...

Janice said...

Nice shots of the boys. Your outside riding options are pretty bad, mine too but only because we have about 3 feet of snow in the arena...good if one is worried about being bucked off...which I'm not and it has been so cold that there is no way I'm riding.Spring oh Spring where art thou????

Jeni said...

great pictures of colt and gus!!! love the "artsy" one the most.

Maia said...

That second shot is artistic perfection and it doesn't matter how you got it. Do something wonderful with. It deserves to be picture of the year.Put it out there. Print it and see what it looks like. If it looks good frame it and see if you can sell it. I am so proud of you. Well done.

gtyyup said...

@Shirley~you're right...I couldn't ever do it again...haven't a clue what I did!

I'm shocked that you all like the one of Colt...I usually delete those types of bloopers, but this one had something that I liked about it...not sure what.

@Maia~Sell it??? Hmmmmmm...OK, I'll print it out and see how it looks...I'm not sure that it fits into the 'artistic perfection' category...It still looks like a blooper to me ;~) Thanks for your encouragement.

lisa said...

That shot of Colt is just awesome!

The Wife said...

Ha, it's usually my mess ups that create the great pictures! Congrats to KatyM. The other winners loss is her gain!

Had to tell ya. I'm an Oregon Duck football fan. Ordered a shirt online. Was wearing it around down here. Got some strange looks. Guess they aren't used to seeing an Oregon shirt in Central Texas! I wore it proudly though. Go DUCKS!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love the phantom shot!

wendy said...

those shots turned out really well....even the blooper!!!!

who wouldn't "claim" their prize, DUH

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That last photo is stunning. Truly. It captures the action perfectly, and has a magical quality to it. Sometimes with a photo you just never know what will move some folks when it doesn't do a dang thing for you. lol!

I am so borrowing that quote. It speaks to me and might be the best bit of advice I've ever gotten. lol!


Celeste said...

Magical photos, your horses always look so content and at ease with their world.

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