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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

~They tell me I'm sassy, but they don't know the real me.~
~Lucille Boggs 1878~


Lil' Pleasures in Life

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Jayke said...

She is comes across as so charismatic in those pictures! Like she's got a lotta attitude.

Happy WW!

Oregontribal1 said...

"Oh mom you gotta try this! It's I'll sample yours for you too!"
Wow, I love your "Cowgirl" quotes; do you by any chance have the "Cowgirl board game"??
That game is a hoot to play, and it doesn't have to be with just your girlfriends could let some "strong" guys play too if you wanna????

Stevebethere said...

Lovely pics especially the close up

Thanks for sharing :-)

Happy WW!

gtyyup said...

Jayke~Yep, she's a big dog in a lil' body ;~)

Oregontribal1~Ah...yes (she said sheepishly)...I'm taking the quotes off of the cards!! LOL...I've only played it once with my best friends up at the wild horse inventory last was a blast!

Crystal said...

Awesome pics, shes pretty intent.

Summer said...

What great pictures. She really is enjoying whatever she is chewing on.
Thanks for sharing!

mj said...

Chewing on something real good, butt in the air, and for the moment, not a care in the world! Now Cindy Sue has a good life! May we all be so lucky.

Ed said...

Too cute and tasty..:-)

Janice said...

Excellent shots, I really like the second one.

Linda said...

Way too cute!

Maia said...

Very nice.

Will said...

So they are young ones? Hopefully just playing around and not making a real escape!

Happy WW and Merry Christmas to you!

Will said...

That is so weird how I sometimes see a comment from way back in December when I post on your site. Very odd.

Will said...

Anyway my original comment that was overwritten by the one from Christmas said: "She is beautiful. Do you really call her Ratty Ranch Dog? A belated Happy WW!"

gtyyup said...

LOL...Will, you're totally freaking me out! Which post were you on with the Christmas thing??? Really...I'm definitely NOT ready for Christmas!!! Cindy Sue has a Twitter acct and she's RattieRanchDog! She IS THE Rat Terrier of the Ranch! Thanks for stoppin' by!

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