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Thursday, August 5, 2010

What do You Think?

~If you have a horse with four legs, keep 'im.~

After a long day working in the hay last Saturday, My Man and I sat down for a beverage on our new deck. Ahhhhh...that was mighty fine!!

I had gotten all of the ingredients for the infamous "Thirsty Rancher-Woman Margarita" that Linda over at The 7MSN so graciously provided us last year...I'd been dying to try them! Yea, that was August of last year and I finally got around to trying them.

My Man hinted pretty strongly that he'd like to have one I made a double batch! Let's see...that was 4 shots of Jose Cuervo Gold and 2 shots of Triple Sec...hmmmmmmm...

Thirsty Rancher-Woman Margaritas
Oh my...these ARE THE BEST!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Linda for sharing this wonderfully refreshing recipe!!!

Ha!!! Guess what I'm taking to Pendleton this year?!? (I was going to surprise you Debbie P...but now you already know ;~)

I had the camera out taking some photos of the clouds above Hat Butte, and My Man decides he needs to document the initiation of the new deck.

After a Day of Hayin'
Yep, that's me...

I get to lookin' at this photo and all I can see is a scroungy ol''s almost gross when I think that I've been wearing it since 2005 (the year we moved here) through all the hot summers with sweat, cow dust and dirt built up. Pretty huh? LOL...surprisingly enough, it doesn't stink!

But hey, I found one of those poll thingys...let's have some fun and see what you all think!  I'll leave this open until next Friday.


Reddunappy said...

My Brother and sister in-law are going to Pendleton this year. Thier first vacation since they opened thier boarding barn 14 years ago!!! They will be camping and partying it up!!!

Sydney_bitless said...

Old hats are great. Unfortunately I do not keep baseball hats long. Lost 4 this year under the stock shredder.

The Wife said...

Since I don't drink, have another one for me!

Well used hats are the best. I have some caps that are so nasty but I love them. New ones just never seem to fit quite right.

CCC said...

looks to me like that hat is just now getting some character : )

gowestferalwoman said...

Thats a pretty big glass there - hard for me to look at your hat, im too busy looking at that margarita... :D

Cowgirl Rae said...

HA... I was just at Square Dot in Prineville looking at new hats, Hank did his best to sell me a new Sunbody elko flatbrim..... t'would look good on you.

the7msn said...

You might need a new goin'-to-town hat but your straw hat looks like the right shade of broken-in for a chore hat.

And it also looks like you followed the recipe exactly - lots of good foam action going on there. Glad you enjoyed them. Salud!

Sarah said...

absolutly no new hat! I was just telling Malcolm yesterday that I want a hat like Karen's but it won't look right because it will have too much "shine" on it. I need one that used and loved! If you do get a new one, you can sell me the current one. How's that?

5 Starr's Farm said...

Margaritas with a straw no less!
I just made a big jug of Sangria thats going to the mountains with us tonight, Love the hat don't get ride of it

5 Starr's Farm said...

Margaritas with a straw no less!
I made a big jug of Sangria thats going to the mountains with us tonight. Love the hat, keep it.

Shirley said...

I think the hat has lots of character and comfort factor,,,But! there is nothing like a new hat. Trying to keep it clean and dent free for as long as possible usually lasts maybe a week for me. I need a new straw hat, maybe next year, or at the end of the season when they are more affordable.

One Red Horse said...

That is a once in a lifetime hat I think. Keep it. Betcha it will look even better with another round of that yummy looking drink, which you surely deserved after working hay in the heat.

gtyyup said...

Cowgirl Rae~Yea...that's the way I was thinkin'!! I'd fit in with all the buckaroos 'round here!

Sarah~I'm likin' that idea...folks pay ridiculous prices for jeans with holes in them...hmmmmmm...let me think on that ;~) My Man says the way to make something look used is to tie it to the back of the truck and drag it up and down the drive way a couple of times!

5 Starr's Farm~Yum, Sangria around the campfire...I could do that!

Shirley~You might try one of these Palm Leaf hats...they're much sturdier than the typical straw.

Maia said...

Sweetpea, you look wonderful. Nothing compares to a favorite hat. I have a beaten up shady brady that my husband can't stand. I love it, I wear it, and I don't look a quarter as good as you do. Keep on, keeping on.

lisa said...

Definately not! I still haven't found the hat that I can wear that is comfortable enough to wear all the time and not give me headaches and that I really like. It is very hard to get a good one out here in the east! So, I wouldn't give it up just yet!

Susan said...

Need and want are two different things. Need, definitely not. It looks great. But if you want one, go ahead.

By the way I watched the video you posted a while back cutting on Colt. Good job.

Will said...

The hat looks fine. Just like the hands. Good looking and hard working!

Oregontribal1 said...

Here's a funny tale for you; my first pair if Ariat boots..have had them for over 17 years just now look well used and loved I might add.
I should get a new pair...but I won't cuz I don't like the "new style" of Ariat boots.
I say keep the hat with character; and maybe get a new one for going to town?
Needless to say, I now have 4 pairs of boots for various occasions.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Okay, hear me out... one can frozen limeade, same can full of tequila, same can full of 7 up, one bottle corona beer. That'd be a 'suthern' margarita ;-).

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