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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Stills ~ Smoke and Fire

~How can a woman believe in herself if she gives in all the time.~
~Mae Wilkins 1867~

The Sunday Stills photo challenge this week is "Smoke 'n Fire." I had great plans to get some cool shots during our annual High Desert Cutters BBQ. Our local butcher brings tri-tip and the smoker/BBQ and cooks it right there at the final cutting for our awards finale. But my plans fell through because they cooked it at their shop instead and brought it to's some of the best tasting tri-tip you'll ever eat...but I didn't get the shots!!

So, scrambling this morning, I decided to try some incense...the outcome was disappointing...smoke is hard to photograph!! But I got a lil' bit of flame.

Incense Flame

Hot Ashes

Well, my house smells good if nothing else!!

Check out the other Sunday Stills participants and see what they've "smoked" up!


Shirley said...

Love that second photo- but you left us hanging on the awards finale!

Maia said...

Clever and well done. You need to soften a shot like this to get rid of the grain. Spot on exposure.

Linda said...

Good job!......what about the awards finale??

CCC said...

Neat idea, I love looking at flames. Really like that you captured that blue colour so well on the first photo.

CTG Ponies said...

Pretty pics. I was so not creative for this one. What happened at the final cutting??

Far Side of Fifty said...

Cool! I like the first got a great photo! :)

Ed said...

LOVE IT!! Best creative shot..:-)

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