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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Show Day~Part 2!

~When I was a girl, I had dreams of becoming a woman.
Now that I'm a woman, I have dreams of becoming a girl.~
~Agnes Mobley 1898~ 

Oops...guess I forgot to mention that there was more to Saturday than just the cutting show!

But, before we get to that, I want to apologize for sounding  like a whiner in yesterday's post. Everyone left such thoughtful and encouraging are all greatly appreciated! I'm totally pleased with where Colt and I are considering when I started him as a two year old, I didn't know how to teach a horse flying lead changes, do a spin or a sliding stop. I've done all of Colt's training myself...I can't afford to hire a trainer...but that's what makes the whole process so rewarding...looking at what we've accomplished. What I learned yesterday, is that my horse knew which cow I should have taken...HE KNEW! I need to listen to my horse more often!!  Thank you for being such good friends.

OK...on to Part 2...Our Reined Stock Horse Futurity Board asked the High Desert Cutters if they could do a stock horse jackpot after our last cutting, and it all worked out! Our Futurity is September 8-9 and this really helped people find out how their horses were coming along...and we all need all the practice we can get!

It was pretty simple; they just scored on the dry work (reining pattern) and fence work (there weren't enough cattle to do herd work too). The competition was divided into snaffle bit/hackamore horses, bridle horses, and youth. I think they had about 12 entries.

I did a really dumb thing by not checking the memory left on the card that was in the it died on My Poor Man just as I started my fence work...dang...that was the best part of our whole day!!!

But, here's a lil' bit of the reining pattern and what lil' bit we got in the camera on the cow...

The pattern that they chose had two large fast circles and one small slow circle, change leads in the middle, and then two and one again. Colt is really good at changing leads and tends to anticipate the changes. You see him bobble in the first circle trying to change leads on me...lil' bugger! But he did the other changes nicely, but I could feel him thinking...I just tried to focus him on forward as much as possible.

My sliding stops don't have much slide to them...I'm working on that, but his turn arounds are OK...we just keep working on adding a lil' bit more speed. Our score on the dry work was only 63.

But the fence work, which I didn't have much confidence in at all, turned out great! I got some coaching last Thursday evening when we had herd practice at the Bell-A Ranch...that really helped. The cow I got didn't have a lot of speed, but it sure wanted out of the pen (looking for a way out all the time through the fence). I wanted to work it two more turns in my boxing, but it darted under Colt's neck and headed up the long side of the arena...I thought to myself I'm never gonna get this cow turned...she had just learned how to be disrespectful of us...but we took her up the wall and asked for the turn and she turned!! Yeah!! the turn to the left...yep, got'er done!  Then we circled her to the left first and that went well, but when I changed hips on the cow and got about have a right circle done she died...we ran out of cow. I had to do a lot of hollering at that cow to get her to go and it took us two tries to get her to complete the circle to the right...but we got'er done...the whistle blew!

We scored a 67!!

I didn't get to see the judge's sheet, but My Man said the judge kept saying "nice horse" while I was working him...that sure made me feel good!

So, that was our big day...Oh yea...I either got 3rd or 4th and will be getting a check! I like that part!


mugwump said...

Good, good job. Colt is looking really good.

Dreaming said...

The video looks great. I did catch the first hop and wondered what was going on! The canter looks so nice and steady. I wish my guy would back half as well as Colt!

CCC said...

Great! Money is always a good thing. Congradulations.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Moon does that with me on the lead changes as well. Smart horses are always thinking ahead like that. Buggers-LOL.

The judge is right though, Colt is one nice horse.

wendy said...

AWESOME. how fun to compete like that.
I just want to learn to ride WELL, I have no aspirations at my age to go beyond that.
flying lead changes.....I'm impressed.

Shirley said...

I thought that Colt tried a lead change there! They do get anticipating don't they!
you are doing a great job on him, I'm so glad you are having fun.

gowestferalwoman said...

I know exactly what you mean about the training - I started my morgan as a weanling; now, this coming monday im dropping him off at a trainers to see what she can do with him as far as basic "cow 101" while I go work in the Black hills ~ which will be a HUGE turn from me riding him huntseat all these years. We'll see if I started him right ack :o! Im hoping to keep working with him when we move him in october to MT...

which brings me to your posting ~ you are an amazing HUMBLE horsewoman and I THANK YOU for posting your progress in work with Colt ~ I can only hope tht in the future me and Baby can even face off a cow without either one of us falling off lol let alone do what you do!

and I did not really understand it until today after your video, but darn it, reining patterns are dressage!!!
(and yes, he is a fine horse!)

Jeni said...

What a great day!!!! You guys looked great even though the bobble.


Reddunappy said...

Colt sure looks good!! That looks like so much fun.

I got to ride a freinds finished reiner once, oh man! that was so cool, this little stud had a spin on him that wouldnt quit!!LOL He is only about 14.2, and man could he move!

You are living one of my dreams! Keep on sharing girl!! :0)

Rhonda said...

I loved watching you and Colt do the reining pattern! Good job! I like how he's calm and relaxed after you stop him. Looks like you're doing a great job! The fence work is a new thing for me to watch, that's interesting - glad it went well! I hope everything continues to go great for both of you, also with Gus. Thanks so much for sharing the videos. :)

Susan said...

What a neat horse. He moves as nice as he looks, and you're doing a great job. Wished we lived closer and could ride together.

Paint Girl said...

Colt is beautiful and that was a good ride! You are doing so well with him! I can't wait to start riding my filly!

Patches said...

Oh my, you guys look great! Very nice, quiet lead changes. Too bad the camera died, I would have loved to see the fence work!

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