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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Au "Gus" tus Post

My dear friend Shirley at Ride a Good Horse was hoping for another post about Gus. So, Augustus McCrae gets to have his cute lil' face on today's blog post!!

Hey...Got any Treats?
"I like being in training!"

I've been going pretty slow with Gus, but it's not really on purpose...time is what's keeping me from moving faster with him. Haying got in the way last week, so we're back on track this week...somewhat.

Big Brother, Lil' Brother
Big Brother 'n Lil' Brother..."Do you see what I see?"

I've been working on ground work quite a bit. He had a sticky right side where he'd always prefer me to be on his left, but I've got him where he'll flow through with his shoulder smoothly as he makes a turn to the left to the inside on the line...he kept getting stuck and was insisting that turning around to the right to go left was the correct thing to do. But, we've got that working nicely now.

Then we ride for a few minutes in the round pen; he's doing great! After that, I get Colt saddled and pony Gus...we take a long trot to the other end of the property or a trail ride up the hill...just somewhere out and about with the dogs running etc. I like them to see all the stuff out there before we ride into the wide open spaces.

The Training Saddle
Gus has a lot of growing to catch up with Colt...I hope he doesn't get that tall.

Gus carries the old beater saddle, but it sure looks like he's just a tiny thing as I sit on Colt's back. I sure wouldn't mind it if Gus only grew another 2 inches or so...but I'm sure that's not going to be the case. Somehow I always get tall horses for my 5 foot body!

Learnin' Patience
"Mom says I'm learning patience."

Then it's Colt's turn for a workout in the arena...and Gus gets's a good patience learning tool. But, I'm anxious for the first ride out with My Man and Whiskey...maybe this weekend...we'll see...

Yesterday, Gus got his hooves trimmed and he was perfect for the farrier. Colt got his "Baby Sliders" put back we're off to try everyone's new hoof wear today!


Oregontribal1 said...

Love the picture of "patience"! It's hard to find a horse that has some if any patience?
I always seemed to find horses taller than my frame as well; my last one was 17.5 and some odd things thrown in for laughs.
He was a warm blood & I wish I still had him....he was an awesome friend!
He would have been the perfect height for my 6'5 hubby!! But alas, we give up things we should have held on to; so now I collect old cowboy gear. Go figure!!

Shirley said...

Gus is looking gorgeous, and what a sweet look in his eye. You picked a good one! I need to get back to working Chickory, she's had about 3 weeks off. I'm not in a rush with her either; I want to keep her soft and willing and not fry her mind.
Chickory and Gus are about the same color; maybe one day we can ride together with them! Matched pair!

Anonymous said...

He's very cute - love the two half-socks in the back.

Jeni said...

He's cute for sure!!!

Rhonda said...

Very interesting! I enjoy reading about your training. :)

Maia said...

Gus is the sweetest little pea on the planet and your shots rock. What can I say?

CCC said...

I love the high black marking on his legs. We had a buckskin gelding once like that. He even had stripy marking across his withers. Is gus like that? You'll have to post a photo of him with his saddle off some time. Sounds like he's doing good though.

Janice said...

Gus is looking good.

CTG Ponies said...

Wow, I didn't realize how much bigger Colt is. Sounds like Gus is coming along well.

Maia said...

I just want to smooch his adorable little horse face. As always your shots are wonderful.

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