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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Struggling Out of the Slump

I couldn't quite identify it...but things just haven't quite been "on" with me. I wasn't off my feed, but I just was feeling down...and downer by the day. I haven't been sleeping well at night; all I could think about was all of the really neat things Colt and I were going to do this year. That lead to lots of tossing and turning.

Then, I had a visitor today...and we don't get many visitors. Not unexpected, but a scheduled visit of my supervisor with my Ag Report job. She didn't make it over here like she usually does before Christmas, at which time she always gives me a gorgeous Poinsettia. She lives in Central Oregon and it's a 3 1/2 hour drive one way. But, the weather cooperated today, and she made it out...and gave me a beautiful bouquet of daffodils!

How could these bright, cheery flowers not
bring a smile to your face?? They liven up
the whole dining/living room area!

So, we took care of the business at hand and then chatted over a cup of coffee. After she left, I went out to the barn to doctor Colt's leg. I decided while hosing it with cold water that I was going to go into the house and call Idaho Equine and make an appointment. I was expecting it to heal quicker (it's been 2 weeks) and I needed to know where he stood. Was he going to be off all summer? We have so many events lined slump must have started about two weeks ago...and it's been getting lower every day.

Our appointment is Friday at 10 AM. I've got the trailer hooked up and everything loaded. The lunch box is packed and we'll be off in the morn around 6:45. Cindy Sue 'n Bella Jo get to copilot. I guess they can take turns!

Colt's giving me the evil eye..."It's 'bout time
ya hauled me over to my friend Dr. Knox!"

I'm feeling better already!

My good footing in the round pen has gone to crap. Over the weekend, we got enough snow so that when it melted the pen turned to mud, and in the mornings it's cold enough so that it's frozen hard.

But, I did make good progress with Brego. We were back to the saddle and ready to ground drive. I turned him back out to pasture. It shouldn't take much to get him going again.

Brego hasn't missed any meals...look at that
lil' porker belly! He's gnawing on the bit; that's
why his mouth is slightly open. The line is
attached to the halter not the bit.

Catnip has that cute cockeyed muzzle.
"Come on mom...get outta that slump!"

Stetson asks "Whatcha in a slump for? You
gots all us kids...what could make you happier?!?"

OK...I'm really starting to feel a whole lot better!!!

But, I couldn't even find anything to point my camera at for the past week! This morning the sun was really nice and I took it with me to feed. I learned something...don't zoom in too close...

ya wap off ears when ya do!
Dang...and I liked the lighting in this photo too.

I'll report back ASAP. Thanks for all your cares and concerns for my Coltster.



wilsonc said...

I wondered why you hadn't been posting much lately. Hope things go well at the vet with Colt. The daffodils are beautiful. Think I might go out tomorrow and find a bouquet for my house. There are cheerful. Hang in there. Spring is on its way.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with Colt's vet visit - at least then you'll have a game plan. Brego looks great! I love daffodils, too - but my cats eat anything I bring into the house!

the7msn said...

I hope the vet visit results in a good prognosis for Colt and peace of mind for you.

lisa said...

I hope everything works out ok with Colt. Chin up and positive thoughts. The flowers are beautiful and came at a good time. It is amazing how just a little friendly gesture can make you feel better. Will be thinking of you and colt!

Country Whispers said...

Hope all gets better for Colt soon.
I think we all just need some summertime as we all get in a slump during the cold winter.

Jayke said...

Good luck with Colt's vet visit! I'm sure you'll get a good prognosis and you and Colt will be able to do all of the things you wanted to this summer.

PS: I was going to get some flowers today for my coffee table, I wasn't sure what kind to get, but I think some daffodils are just what I need.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Oh boy, I can relate to that slump. Last summer when Moon got that cut, I thought it would heal up pretty quick and it just took forever. It sure ruined my summer.

Hopefully the doc finds that everything is fine and Colt is just taking a while to heal due to the time of year.

What a thoughtful supervisor. The daffodils are beautiful.

mj said...

This has already been a long, tough winter. The weather always makes for a mood buster or booster...depending on what it's doing at the time.
I also think that when you get a better diagnosis on Colts leg that you will rest easier. It's always hard when you don't know for sure just what going on with a loved one!
I'll be hoping that you and the pups and Colt a safe and informative trip!
Hugs to you all!

Jocelyn said...

I go through the slumps every year, sometimes worse than other years.

I sure hope Colt gets better soon ! Carfeul on the roads!

See you soon,

Linda said...

Hope things get better for you soon and Colt gets better faster than expected. We've got some "porkers" around here too;)

Shirley said...

Here's hoping the vet can get
Colt back sound for you asap. Have you thought of taking vitamin D- winter can bring about depression with the lack of sunshine and vitamin D will help combat it.
OK, now I gotta go find me some daffodils! Love them, they are so cheerful.
At least you have Catnip to make you smile- nothing like a little burro love to cheer you up.
I'll be checking for news on Colt....

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I've been in a slump, too. You know why. I've just been forcing myself to post to get refocused and try to see the joy in other things every day. sigh. It's only helped just a little.

Thanks for posting pics of Catnip and Stetson. I love those long ear boys of yours.

I'll be thinking positive thoughts for your handsome Coltser.

Drive safe and enjoy the ride :)


Janice said...

Sounds like your slump coinsides with Colts injury.Well I'm root'n for Colt, hope the word is good, have a safe trip and I will be following along to see how you guys make out.

Sydney said...

Poor coltster. Hopefully he will be alright. Brego sure has a porker belly on him.

Tracey said...

Um, missy...slump or not, there's no excuse for bringing in the snow. Better get rid of it before I come to visit next month!

And how'd it go with Colt yesterday?

Paty Jager said...

I hope you get good news!

Pony Girl said...

I think we all hit a bit of a slump at this time of the year. I'm actually glad I started riding lessons, I need something new & interesting in my life- a bit of a boost to my ho hum winter schedule. I hope you get a good report from the vet about Colt's leg. Stay positive- you've been caring for it well and hopefully it's just something that needs a few more weeks of rest.

Sarah said...

Looking forward to hearing the diagnosis on Colt. I hope its good news! Safe Travels.

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