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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow to Ice to Rain

The first week of 2010 has left a lot to be desired weather wise in my book. New Year's day, My Man started to let the horses out of the barn in the morning and came back in the house saying it was an ice rink behind the barn and in their pasture, and that we'd better leave them in the barn!

We'd been having sub freezing weather for days on end and the ground was frozen solid. Then we got just a few inches of snow. Then came the rain. So, of course the rain melts the snow, but the ground is too frozen to let the water soak into it and it has no where to go...but downhill...

Even with my new camera, I can't seem to get "dark and dreary" to look pretty!

The high spots are obviously snow, and the rest of
the grey is packed snow with water standing on top of it.

The ditch we annually dig behind the barn
is doing its job...the water is flowing east!

With all the acreage up the hill behind the house and barn,
the water has to go somewhere. The berm that was
built at the top of the rock rim is working. It funnels
the water into a stream and it comes down
the rock wall behind the barn.

The stream flows right into the horses pastures where
again all the packed snow has a "slick as snot" sheet
of water laying on top which makes it
extremely treacherous.

Until the permafrost thaws out and drys out, it's
going to be an icy and/or muddy mess.

We lost our old girl Carina two years ago because of ice just like this, and we're not chancing it again! The horses stayed in the barn for 2 1/2 days as which time it finally thawed out enough on the top for the ice to break up and walking was safe again.

More rain Tuesday night and all day yesterday
made it a really muddy mess for the horses
and dogs. But the owls don't seem to mind one bit.

This empty bird's nest in the apple tree is
looking forward to spring...just as much as I am
right now...and we just got into winter!

I guess I'll just sit back and have another cup of coffee in my new favorite cup...

After a couple of cups, I'll feel much better...

Hope everyone else is warm and dry...and those in the southern hemisphere, can I come and visit for vacation?!?



Andrea said...

Down here it's is raining and is going to get to 19 degrees! I am in Louisiana!!! Grrrr....not loving this winter weather! I too could use a heat wave! LOL!! Love your shots with your new camera!! I love the Power Shot! My sister has one of those and has a DSLR, and there are many times where i can't tell the difference between her pictures with her DSLR and the Power Shot! Awesome camera!!

Stay Warm!!!

jane augenstein said...

You don't want what we got!!! We got 7 inches of snow a few days ago and now we are in the midst of a big snow storm and have about 2 more inches on what we already had! And it's still snowing to beat the band. They are saying that we could get a total of 8 inches!!!
Where is my sleigh?? Or snow shoes! LOL

Country Whispers said...

Oh what a mess.
We are getting hit with snow tonight. I can only imagine what all this is going to cause if we get a sudden warm-up.
For now I'll just stay indoors.

Anonymous said...

That sure looks nasty - we've got all snow here for now. Stay warm and dry!

Shirley said...

It's pretty much the same here; a little snow, then rain, then freezing, then a little more snow, a melt, freezing, and snow in the forecast this weekend. It's pretty slick out there!
Lovely owl, we have them hanging around here too, but I haven't seen them in daylight.

Susan said...

It's absolutely beautiful where we are. Two days of bright blue skies after a snowstorm. I could take pictures all day! I forgot to take my camera to town today. The river looked awesome with all the ice and frost.

Ed said...

Yep, thats one muddy mess..
I'll never get tired of the Owl pics, way too cool..:-))

lisa said...

I love the cup! It is very hard to get nice pictures when it is dark and ugly out period! The owl picture is pretty darn pretty to me!

B said...

That looks nasty... What in the world is going on with this weather?! I'm in Florida and they're saying that there's a possibility of SNOW today!!

lopinon4 said...

All snow here, too. Almost 2 feet of it all together. Just yuck! Although, it's better than that ice...I feel for you on that one. Be careful and hopefully it will dissipate soon!
Happy Trails!

Crystal said...

Ooh I never thought there was anything good about winter in Alberta, but at least we dont get rain in winter, its too cold for that!, so fortunatly for us to get ice it has to melt and then its not like asheet, hope it warms up soon.

Jayke said...

That sucks about the weather…I get the worst of both worlds. Horse Country (where I'm from) is quite inland, so we get snow there and it stays, plus -40 temperatures at times.

Here in The City though, it's more like where you are, slippery, wet and icy.

Stay dry! I love those mugs.

Janice said...

Wow what a mess I guess I'll quit complaining about our weather yours is so much worse. Love your mug. I will email you soon about the video and how to get it. Thanks by the way I appreciate the offer of help.

Merri said...

ew, that is a mess alright
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Anonymous said...

Yikes what a mess! We usually get a rain in January but it consists of about 10 minutes worth and causes a freezing mess. I DO remembe the river out about thirty years ago in new years day....THAT was a real mess!

Faithful said...

Yep... that looks about the same round here...and I've slipped on my geester more than a few times on the dang ice...gettin' kinda sore and tired of it, too.. and am glad it is melting now! It's about time for some sunshine...don't ya think?!

CTG Ponies said...

I absolutely hate the ice and it seems we get our fair share. Glad to see people and critters alike survived the weather.

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