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Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Drive Down Sodhouse Lane

All the snow and ice is gone and things are back to normal. We've been having highs in the upper 30's and lows in the mid 20's, but it's been cloudy.

I really feel for you folks that have all that snow. But, I would much rather have snow than ice.

January brings on the stack of cattle ag surveys that I do for the National Agricultural Statistic Service. One of the nice things about this job is that I get to see a lot of beautiful country. One of my visits this past week was to a ranch that is in the middle of the Malhuer Wildlife Refuge. It may have been a cloudy day, but it was still beautiful.

These photos were taken along Sodhouse Lane which is a 17 mile stretch of gravel road from Princeton to the Refuge headquarters. As usual, I never met another vehicle either coming or going that day.

The buildings on the horizon are part of
the Refuge's headquarters where they
have a visitor center and gift shop.

These cattle are grazing on private land
which adjoins the Refuge.

This two track leads off to a set of corrals
where they gather and brand calves.

This looks like a black and white photo, but
it's in full living color... courtesy of a
grey, cloudy day.

Even with the missing blade, this windmill
draws up plenty of water year around
for the rancher's cattle.

Thanks for comin' along for the drive. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!



SquirrelGurl said...

Happy cattle counting!

I just realized we work for the same place! How cool is that?

Have a great weekend!

Shirley said...

Now that would be my kind of job; miles of country and no traffic, no boss bugging you, no customers expecting you to chat with them......sigh....

mj said...

Karen ...your photos are a wonderful example of that area. Somehow, the grayness of the day helps describe the quiet, somewhat lonely life in the high desert and makes it more honest as to how life can be there. Very nice post!

Jayke said...

Beautiful scenery + great camera = great shots.

Thanks for sharing.

Sydney said...

Awesome scenery. Can I come live with you? I can live in the barn I would not complain :P

Janice said...

Nice post great shots, I actually felt like I was along for the ride.

wilsonc said...

Love the photos! Your making good use of that new camera. I especially love the one with the water trough.

Anonymous said...

Great photos...looks like Sodhouse Lane is loaded with photo opportunities! I have a special place in my heart for the windmill photos! I lived on the farm/ranch most of my life and those windmills are a big part of those memories! How do you like your new camera? I have the same camera and love it!!!

CTG Ponies said...

Beautiful country! You captured it well. I like the one with the snow in the tracks. Looks like a road to nowhere.

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