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Friday, January 15, 2010

Brego's Back in Training~Again...

Brego is one of my "top of the list" projects for 2010. Way back in 2007 I got this guy in for training. This is the short version of his story...

This lil' guy was orphaned when he was gathered off of the range in 2003. It’s estimated that he was born in July or August of 2003. So when they gathered the Kiger herd in September that year and he was orphaned, he was too young to be adopted. He was bottle fed and cared for until he was old enough to be adopted out. He was very gentle at that time.

His first adopter didn’t do anything with him…he wasn’t abused, just neglected. He was not handled and his “wild ways” came back to him. He was left a stallion too. Then in the spring of 2007, she sold him to a friend of hers. The new owners sent him to me for training. Before he came to me he was gelded. But, he was not gentle. So, I had to start from scratch.

The first 30 days we worked on catching, leading, grooming, picking up hooves and trimming, and loading into the trailer. At that time, the new owner decided that Brego was too much horse for their tiny children who had never had a horse before. They had me continue his training for the next 60 days while we worked on finding a buyer for him.

In those 60 days, I got him saddled, ground driving and riding. But, we were unsuccessful in finding a buyer for him. The owner was running out of options as they didn't even have a place to keep him. Their plan was to ship him off to Portland to a boarding stable where his sister boarded her horses. I just knew that arrangement wasn't going to be good for Brego. He still had some fear issues, so I bought him to ensure that he goes to a good home. They weren’t bad people; they just didn’t understand the commitment it takes for horse ownership, and they really needed an older, well seasoned horse for their first horse.

With the lousy horse market, I didn't even try selling him last year...and didn't even work him. So here we are today...

Brego in his winter woolies, caked in mud, with
lovely rat's nests in his mane.
He's definitely gotten to be a horse
for the past year and a half.

"Who me? Those aren't rat's nests...they're
mane ornaments! Every REAL horse wears them!"

"And you want me to do what?
But I'm retired!
I'm NOT?!?"

"OH, I guess she means business..."

"I'll try my best...but you're gonna have
to start from the beginning...again...(nicker & snicker)!"

The goal is to get him back under saddle and find him a home!



ACountryCowgirl said...

WOW he is a gorgeous boy!!! I love the kigers though. My ex husband had a kiger mustang stallion that we bought and he was great. They sure have a presence and once they trust you they are commited to you!! Can't wait to hear how his training goes:)

the7msn said...

I do not need another horse...I do not need another horse. But if I did, Brego would sure be one I would consider - what is he, about 14.3? If I ever do get another horse, it will be a mustang. I look forward to following your progress with his training.

lopinon4 said...

WOW, that boy has presence!! Have fun with him, and kudos to you for giving him this chance!

mj said...

He's beautiful ... mud and all! Kind eye, even though he looks like he's in shock to be in the working-mustang-mode again. Bet he remembers it all very quickly. Good training days ahead to the both of you!

HBFG said...

He is VERY handsome!!! A horse I would buy in a blink of an eye.
I'm sure he'll be a good boy.
Have fun training him!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

He is beautiful. I bet you'll have no problem finding a buyer for him when you have him back under saddle.

Do you notice anything in his behavior that is different because he was orphaned? Or does it seem like he learned all his horsey manners anyway?

Janice said...

Great post Karen. I'm sure with you at the reins he will be fine and you will find him a good home.

Tracey said...

Poor boy. At least you're available to help give him an education.

I think it's crazy the way the babies behave. Real attitudes, despite being handled. Maybe you'll find someone who wants him next month during color fest, eh?

Merri said...

If I was 20 years younger (and knew what I know now) I'd start a young mustang. But I'm not, so now I just lust after them.
And with a name like Brego, you won't go wrong! ; )
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Danielle Barlow said...

He is so handsome! I wish we had bigger wild ponies over here. I love my Dartmoors, but I can't help wishing they were 14hh ish rather than 12.2 !

Jayke said...

Wow he sure is beautiful. He's lucky to have found you, someone who understands his needs and will accommodate him.

I'll be looking forward to progress posts about him!

gtyyup said...

Andrea~I've got to say that he didn't get any bad habits from being orphaned. Andi is the one who raised him and I know she does a really good job with them. His attitude about life is "I'd rather not." He's definitely trainable, acts like he wants to please, then just reverts back to a "wild horse" in an instant...and the next instant, he's fine. This I just attribute to bad handling from between his first adopter and me. He went to a trainer that had never worked with a mustang before and Brego was still a stallion. He didn't learn anything there...just bad manners.

Tracey~Well, I should at least have a "for sale" poster for him at Colorfest. Will you be coming down? Actually, I think you should take Brego up with me!

Anonymous said...

He's beautiful, and such presence! Keep us posted on his work!

jane augenstein said...

Wow what a beautiful boy!!!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Mane ornaments! LMAO

I'm sure you'll have Brego back in action and turned into a fine saddle horse, no problem. Time! Isn't that the darn thing about horses?

I think nice saddle horses are going to be a hot commodity this year. Brego is a good looking horse and out of all the mustangs, people(myself included) sure seem to like the Kigers.

Doesn't sound like you will have any trouble finding a home for him either, judging by the comments.;)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Brego has a kind eye, but his wildness and some mischief also show through. I think it's great that you are working with him and are dedicated to finding him a great new home. Now if only he can behave and be a good horse citizen so a potential owner can see just how special he is.

Hmmmm, just thinking that maybe I should ask you to keep an eye out for me for a new horse, seeing as I am now in the market for one. I'd trust your experience and opinion on finding me a horse that would be a better fit than my Baby Doll was.....


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