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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Photo Tag

My truckin' buddy Ed (the truck drivin' photographer) at Thoughts from the Road photo tagged me.

So, I was to go to my 10th folder and post the 10th photo...well that file only had 8 pics in here's my 10x8...

My Old Man Toby
January 2007
Waiting for me to get Colt saddled so he
could pony him up the hill.

And, I'll tag~~

Brandie over at Brandie's Prairie

Jocelyn at For the Love of a Horse

Andrea at Mustang Saga



CTG Ponies said...

What a sweet boy!

Wilmoth Farms Rachel & Her Farmer said...

Toby is so handsome! You've got some beauties thats for sure!!!!

Jocelyn said...

what a handsome face!

I will post that pic!

The Wife said...

Love the expression on his face! Looks like he was caught.

Ed said...

What me???? I did'nt do it..:-)

Celeste said...

Toby looks like a real sweetie, such a kind eye.

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